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Sharing an email from Mr Teruyoshi Yamaguchi to Ms Natalie Roy

Dear Members of the 50th State,

Since we have worked together on many occasions, I hope you will understand that the “Tokai Judo mission” is not making champions only, but we are making world peace through Judo. We always think, “What kind of way can we take?” How can we show “This is the Tokai Judo” and “This is the Matsumae Spirit”. What way can we take to sharing world peace through Judo?

This summer, both Olympic Champions, Yamashita-sensei and Kosei Inoue, visited the Middle East towards the making of PEACE.

Many of Japanese media have picked up on their activity. How about yours in the US?

We continue work hard based on this philosophy, as in our summer camp at HTIC.

And I appreciate your cooperation.


Teruyoshi Yamaguchi
Tokai University