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Mitchell Palacio

Mitchell Palacio

Inducted 2019

Beginning his judo journey at the age of 4 under the tutelage of his father, Ben Palacio, Mitchell continues to be a presence in the development of judo in the United States.

First excelling in judo competition as a youth then going on to coaching, and teaching as a young man, and now as seasoned veteran he is still giving back by administering

His record speaks for itself as one can see below. What is missing however is the drive and knowledge he continues to bring to judo even after having accomplished so much. In the 90’s he was even president of the USJF but after that stent he continued and is currently the chairperson of the Teachers Institute and responsible for many programs that bolster the image of the USJF and American judo. There is no doubt that Mitchell Palacio has earned a place on the fall of our hall of fame not only as a competitor, but as one of our great leaders in judo

  • 7th Degree Black Belt: Judo
  • 4th Degree Black Belt: Jiu-jitsu
  • Teaching Jiu-jitsu at CCSF: 1980
  • CCSF Jiujitsu Club established: 2000

Judo Competition and Coaching

  • World University Games: Japan
  • Pan American Games: Cuba
  • Shoriki Cup: Japan
  • Training Coach for 1989, 1991, World Championships, 1992, 1996 Olympics Games
  • French Open, France
  • Austrian International, Austria
  • Hungarian Open, Hungary
  • Czechoslovakia International, Czech Republic
  • Tre Torri: Italy
  • Guido Seini: Italy
  • Kodokan Cup: Brazil,
  • Cuban International, Cuba
  • Jr. Pan American Championships: Ecuador
  • First Judo/Jiu-jitsu Club: Koyukan Judo Club, San Francisco: Sensei-Ben Palacio
  • First National Championships: USA 2nd Junior National Judo Championships, Chicago, IL., 1965, 1st Place
  • Last National Competition: 1984 United States Olympic Trials, 2nd Place
  • Competed and placed at every level of National Judo Competition:Junior Nationals, Jr. Olympics, High School
  • Nationals, Collegiate Nationals, Senior Nationals
  • Place in every World, Pan American and Olympic Trials: 1975 to 1984
  • Ranked in the Top 3 “Senior Elite” Athlete from 1975 to 1984

Contributions to the Sport of Judo

  • President, California Judo Inc. (State Governing Body for Judo), 2007
  • Developed and Implemented the United States Judo Federation Teacher Certification Program, www.usjfteacher.com, 2010
  • Developed and Implemented the United States Judo Federation Coach Certification Program, www.usjfcoach.com , 2010
  • Created and Implemented the USA Judo National Coach Conference to improve the effectiveness as Judo coaches. (1994)
  • Developed and Implemented the International Judo Sports Science Symposium designed for Judo Sports Scientists to share their research projects on the sport at the United States Olympic Training Center, Colorado Spring, Co.(1995)
  • Design and Implemented exercise physiology testing protocols for the Sport of Judo (Treadmill: Max VO2, Arm Wingate: Anaerobic Test): United States Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Co. (1989)
  • United States Olympic Committee Sports Science Coordinator for the Sport of Judo (1989)
  • Presenter: United State Judo Coaches Conference, 1994, 1995, 1999, The Use of Exercise Physiology in Training Elite Judo Athletes
  • USA Judo National Coaching Staff, 1989–1996
  • Certified and Implemented USA Judo Coach Certification: Program for Athletic Coach Education (PACE) throughout the United States, 1992–1996

Educational Leadership

  • Chair, City College of San Francisco Physical Education, Dance and Athletic Administrative Council
  • Head Soccer Coach: City College of San Francisco: 1984–1994
  • Head Women’s Tennis Coach: City College of San Francisco: 1984–1988
  • Department Chairman – Physical Education, Recreation and Dance: Holy Names College, 1980–1984
  • Athletic Director: Holy Names College, 1978–1984
  • Created, Developed and Implemented the Intramural and Collegiate Sports Program for Holy Names College
  • Created Developed and Implemented the Holy Names College Youth Summer Sports Program