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National Teachers’ Institute Sub-Committee
Meeting April 18, 2005
Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach, VA, Coral E.
1 pm -2 pm

    1. Members: Dean Markovics, Dr. Kuniko Takeuchi, John Anderson,
      Bryan Matsuoka
    2. Observers: Helen McProuty, Greg Goebel, Jeff Takeda, Robert Suyehira.
    3. Absent: Margaret Catt, Teruyoshi Yamaguchi, Hal Sharp, Dr. Rousey,
      Hayward Nishioka
  3. APPROVAL OF APRIL 2004 MINUTES – Electronic MSP. There was not a quorum
    at October 2004 meeting.
    1. Scope and Sequence – to define specific teacher competencies
      and their sequence for learning.

      1. Markovics – draft to be submitted for topics within ‘Physical
        Components’ including:

        1. Nutrient (completed)
        2. Prevention and care of common sports injuries
        3. Substance abuse
        4. Proper weight control/loss
      2. Modeling – second draft coming from Dr. Abraham, SFSU
      3. Takeuchi – draft to be submitted for topics within ‘History-Philosophy’

        1. Judo History
        2. Judo Etiquette
    1. Committee information; Women’s Committee – teaching instructors
      how to teach and retain female judo players. AMR to provide to
      the committee for review at the next meeting. (April 2004)
    2. Considering the information from Asanuma Takenari on accidents
      for inclusion and review at the next meeting. (April 2004)
    3. MANUAL – A tool for standardization and consistency in certification
      outcomes and accountability will be identified in this compendium.

      1. Dr. Laughlin draft:
        1. Current action – Matsuoka needs to Email the
          new draft to NTIS from Dr. Laughlin
      2. Dr. Abraham draft:
        1. Current action – Dr. Abraham is reworking his
          writing on ‘modeling behavior’ at
          a lower reading level.
      3. Yonetani – Grant Materials draft:
        1. Current action – emphasis the quantity and quality
          of work needed; and make sure the specifications
          are addressed from the RFP. (April 2004)
      4. Boiler plates from internet sites and resources coming
        from Markovics and Rousey (Amateur Athlete Foundation
        of LA template). A section reminding the teacher of the
        local resources as well. (April 2004)
      5. Those clinicians who have agreed to write materials on
        what was presented at the 2003 Conference: Dr. Abraham,
        Mr. Nishioka, Dr. Matsumoto, Mr. Fukuda, Professor Brousse,
        Mr. Matsuoka. Matsuoka set a draft date of May 20, 2004.
        (April 2004)

        1. Current action/update: All draft materials have
          been received as of this meeting. Abraham, Matsumoto,
          Fukuda, and Matsuoka writing needs to be distributed
          to NTIS for approval. Brousse draft 2 will follow
          the completion of the history book
      6. A reference section of resources – Resources in addition
        to those sited by the authors are needed. This reference
        section is to be complied by Hal Sharp, due May 20, 2004.
        No resources have been received at the time of the meeting,
        April 2005.

        1. Current action: Request information from Mr.
      in making the process timelier. Committee members must respond
      in a more timely fashion. There was a recommendation to develop
      an application that is specific to the topic area and to define
      initial criteria that is acceptable in topical areas. This criteria
      includes professional credentials, degrees, or certifications
      from recognized entities identified by topic by the following

      1. Markovics – Physical Components, facility development
        1. update – nutrition draft received
      2. Rousey – Curriculum Development, Cognitive and physiological
        developmental stages of children, Teaching Methodology,
        Instructional Planning

        1. update – Matsuoka reviewing materials received
      3. Sharp – technical proficiency
        1. update – none
      4. N.O./Takeuchi – CPR/First Aid
        1. update – referencing the Red Cross materials
      5. Catt – social skills (per discussion with Matsuoka)
        1. update – none received
      all past USJF Certified Teachers who renew at the initial $20
      fee and agree to the current CEU requirements was made by H. Nishioka,
      second by H. Sharp, PASSED.( April 2004)

      1. ‘Grandfather’ form and process to include CPR/1st Aid,
        and background check, passed on-line vote, confirmed at
        this meeting April 2005
    1. Application for and process for new, renewal, and grandfather
      form in process, Matsuoka to send out electronically by May 15,
      2005 for review.

      1. CEU – allowed credits were discussed at this meeting;
        given the parameters of 6 CEU in 4 years certification
        period and 4 hours of instruction is equal to 1 CEU for
        USJF sanctioned clinics. Discussion of the Coach CEU program
        as well as:

        1. CEU must be earned from different topical areas
          within the same certification period
        2. 50% of credits received for higher education
          credits from an accredited institution was also
        3. Action item is for NTIS members to provide recommendations
          to NTIS through electronic correspondence prior
          to May 7, 2005. Matsuoka will compile recommendations
          to come up with a solution.
    2. Teacher Education – Margaret Catt submitted this discussion item
      for implementing lessons on judo in the public school system using
      teacher education program for existing PE teachers in school districts.
      Discussion topics are as follows.

      1. Liability issues maybe a concern for the school districts.
      2. Not trusting the ability of an instructor of Physical
        Education to teach judo given a short course, only.
      3. Teaching/Coaching course for current certified classroom/PE
        teachers. Discussion was entered that it should be presented
        as a University Level/ College Level course for teachers
        and that it should qualify for professional teachers re-certification
        at respective State levels.
    3. Internet Use — Matsuoka working with Dan Israel on website areas
      for materials, manual/compendium, resource area for teachers.
    4. Invitation from Mr. Anderson to attend in the USJI teachers sub-committee
      meeting at 9:00am Wednesday, USJI, Coral C.
  7. ADJOURN MEETING – MSP to adjourn at 1:58 pm