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Renewal payments for dojos and yudanshakais can now be made online via the USJF website.

FYI Overview…

There is now a functional single portal where all members: individual, dojo, and yudanshakais may access their information. Access will be controlled by email accounts with admin access. Though in development, the portal is now up and running on the website.

At this time, the system will only allow for renewal payments. It will not accept any informational updates/changes.

Here is the URL for renewals.

Again, at this time, the online system will only accommodate RENEWAL payments for previously registered existing yudanshakai(s) or dojo(s). As development progresses, the capability to update your information will be added to the portal.

All NEW (to USJF) yudanshakai(s) or dojo(s) must use the manual form/process on their initial registration.

If the information for the dojo or yudanshakai is unchanged, you only need to make your renewal payment, which can now be done online. If there are changes, please transmit the changes to the USJF National Office or address changes in the member portal.

Thank you very much.
USJF National Office Staff