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This is the first year that we changed over to the new fees on the Life Membership programs. We gave a grace period of two months on the changeover at the beginning of the new fiscal year. We did receive 124 new Regular Life Members. So we had a 33% decrease in regular memberships. As for the President Life Memberships, we received 2 upgrades also had a 33% decrease in the President Club Life Member.

As a result, the income to the USJF Endowment Fund after the expense of paying for plaques, engraving, cards, lapel pins, patches and postage was $34,501.84. This is $4,447.86 more than the previous year even after the decrease in new memberships.

2017-2018 Life Membership awards go to:


    1. 50th State
    2. Central Coast
    3. Shufu


    1. Leeward -50th State
    2. Mililani Hongwanji – 50th State
    3. Shudokan – 50th State

Respectfully submitted
Tom Sheehan