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Hi to the members of the USJF

Hello from Great Britain!

I’m Nik Fairbrother (World judo champion and Olympic silver medalist). I’m also the creator of Koka Kids, a program that helps junior judoka learn more about judo and supplies coaches with teaching resources.

Judo is facing one of its toughest challenges right now, but I’m confident the judo community is strong enough to pull through it. We are used to fighting, and if we stay united and work to help one another, we will overcome this battle.

I’ve been using lockdown to animate the entire Gokyo! And I’d like to share this page with you:

Judo Throws: The Ultimate Guide

Coaches, please feel free to link to this resource from your website, and use it for reference during your Zoom classes.

This Judo Throws page has every single technique of The Gokyo animated.

Here you can learn every judo technique there is in the judo syllabus.

Learn by watching an animation of each waza. Each judo technique has been animated to help you visualize the throw.

Just click on the name of a throw to go to a full tutorial.

Find out how to link the throws into combinations and discover the counters you need to watch out for!

Please enjoy the resource!

Judo Throws: The Ultimate Guide

Do remember, even if we can’t go back on the tatami, there is still a lot we can do to keep our fitness and judo skills ticking over.

Train on your own using Shadow Judo, or use resistance bands to do Uchikomi in your home or garden.

Why not try and complete the Uchikomi Challenge – we provide free certificates for coaches or judoka to download and print and use.

If you would like any more information please do get in touch.

All the best,
Nik Fairbrother (7th Dan)
Koka Kids Editor
1992 Olympic Silver Medalist
1993 World Champion