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Larry Labrador retiring as president of the Florida State Yudanshakai
Published on: November 16, 2020

Judo Profile

Larry Labrador has written about his journey in Judo as he retires as the president of the Florida State Yudanshakai.

A Life dedicated to Judo

Larry Labrador

I selected Judo as my favorite sport sixty years ago because it afforded me the opportunity to exercise and learn mental and physical preparation with discipline and competition. For many years Judo has given me the opportunity to learn to be impartial in my judgements and to apply it for the right decision both in Judo matches and life situations. Also, I recommend all judokas if possible to dedicate time to additional activities to improve Judo as a sport. I have been a member of of USJF, since 1969 when I did arrive in New York City at Tremont Judo School and I registered my Shodan. My experience as a member of USJF for six decades (1970-Present) from the New York/New Jersey area to the the Miami/Florida area, has been excellent knowing judo people, from competitors, to Champions, to Senseis, to Referees with some of whom I have been lucky to make friendship of a lifetime such as Robert Fukuda, Terri Waibel, Renee Saunders and many others. Also the excellent service of the National Office has been a great experience.

I have not not retired as of yet but after 5 years in the position of President of Florida State Judo Yudanshakai, the Executive Committee decided to split the responsibilities in order to be stronger and more effective. I will continue as Promotion Chair Person since I’m the most senior rank in the committee. I will work and serve the sport dedicating my free time to help others understand the importance of the Sport of Judo.

Here is my trajectory and my main accomplishments.

  • Larry Labrador, Shichidan since 2012, certified by the following Organizations:
    USJudo, USJF, IJF, Pan American Judo Confederation, Kodokan, Godan
  • Began Judo Practice in Cuba 1960, Cuban Judo Federation, 1960-1968 Sensei Andre Kolychkine
  • Served as Secretary of Cuban Judo Federation during 1965 and 1966.
  • New York Judo Association 1969-1971 Senseis Nishiama and Pereira
  • Shufu Yudanshakai 1972-1976 with Sensei Yoshisada Yonezuka
  • Member of Florida Yudanshakai 1977 to 2009, Florida State Judo Yudanshakai – 2010 to Present
  • Two times 3rd Place AAU Master Champion 156 lb Division
  • Two times 1st Place AAU Master Champion156 lb Division
  • Two times Sunshine State Master Champion 156 lb Division
  • National Referee 1992 to 2017, National Referee Emeritus since 2018 to Present
  • Florida State Yudanshakai Reg. Chair since 2011 to October 2020
  • Florida State Yudanshakai President since 2015 to October 2020
  • Florida State Promotion Chair since 2012 to Present