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August 3, 2003

Keiko Fukuda

475 Hoffman Avenue

San Francisco, CA

Dear Sensei,

The USJF Jeremy Glick Memorial Spirit of Judo Award Committee is very proud to select you as the second
recipient of this award. The first recipient of this award was Mr. Nagayasu Ogasawara.

The award is named in honor of Jeremy Glick who tragically gave his life in the plane crash on 9/11.
Many people were in awe of Jeremy Glick’s calm composure and chivalrous demeanor before his final moments
of life. Especially impressive was his last conversation with his wife and how considerate of her he was.

This award is based on the spirit of Judo, courage, compassion and character. For your many, many years
of courageous effort in developing students to becoming better, stronger, beautiful individuals, and for
your compassion for the many people you have influenced throughout the years, we are honored to have you
as recipient of this award.


Vaughn T Imada

Vice President, United States Judo Federation


cc: Noboru Saito, Robert Fukuda, John Woods