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Jeff Takeda

inducted in 2022

Nominating letter from Tom Jay, President Chuka Yudanshakai 

Good Morning Simon Sensei,

Hope that all is well during these uncertain times. I’m currently the president of the Central California Black Belt Judo Association (Chuka) after the passing of Jeff Takeda Sensei in 2016. I accepted the position prior to my knowledge that I was elected as Vice President by the BOD at that time. Being the president has been a challenge for me that carries many responsibilities that I’m not all familiar with. Fortunately, with the support and guidance of my associates has simplified the transition.

Our Yudanshakai recently had a video conference in which I gave a summary report of the USJF Spring meeting in which I announced the latest judoists that were inducted into the 2020 US judo Hall of Fame. It was brought to my attention that our organization should consider nominating candidate(s) that may be worthy of this prestige induction. After much thought our organization would like to recommend Jeffrey Tameo Takeda Sensei, for consideration to be inducted to the 2021 US Judo Hall of Fame. Here is some background information that I was able to put together.

Sensei was born on September 14, 1948 to Matsuso and Katsuko Takeda and was raised in Fowler, California. He started his judo involvement at the age of 8 along with his brother Matsuo Mac under the tutelage of Professor Toshitaka Yamauchi, a student of Jigoro Kano and Frank Kawano Sensei at the Fowler Judo Club. Through his efforts he became an accomplished judoist that he received his Shodan before graduating from high school. He went on to earn his bachelors degree for his studies in Wildlife Biology and Food Science and Technology while attending California State University Fresno. After graduating with his degree he started his career as a Park Ranger in the U.S. National Forest for a short period of time. He later decided to change his career and began to attend classes in the medical lab field while interning at a nearby hospital before accepting the position at Saint Agnes Medical Center as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist where he worked for 38 years until his retirement in 2013. It was this period of time he took a leave of absence from judo to focus on his new position at the medical center and starting a family after his marriage in 1979. It wasn’t until 1986 he decided to restart his journey back into judo along with his family members. After a few years later the establishing board members recognized his commitment to the organization and decided to groom Takeda Sensei as the future president of the yudanshakai. He served as
the president of Chuka yudanshakai from 1998 to 2016.

It was during this period of time while representing the organization at the yearly biannual USJF meeting as the delegate that he became the chairperson for USJF Athlete Scholar of the Year (ASOY) from 2003 to 2016. During his lifetime with his leadership sensei have been instrumental in the continued development of the Chuka organization. It was through his dedication and passion for judo that inspired others to follow his goals. Through his efforts and determination he established the existing West Clovis Judo Club in 1989. I have included an attachment that listed all his accomplishments and to our yudanshakai during his tenure.

Our yudanshakai feel that Takeda Sensei is very deserving of this recognition and we would appreciate your consideration. I would like to thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Tom Jay

Sensei Jeff Takeda, Shichidan (7th degree)

USJF Life Member, Membership Number: 910 since 1969


  • Head instructor at the Pinedale Judo Club for the “Kids In Need Program”
    for underprivileged minors 1977–1978
  • Assistant Instructor at the Fowler Judo and Clovis Judo Clubs 1986–1989
  • Founder and Head Instructor of the West Clovis Judo Club 1989–2016
  • He produced many National Junior and Youth judo champions in his career as a Judo Instructor with many of his students obtaining the rank of Shodan. Matthew Takeda, Steven Lee and Brent Hariata were among Takeda Sensei outstanding students who went on to complete at the collegiate level.
  • Received the Bronze Coach’s Certification in 2013
  • Received the Coach’s “D” Level Certification from USJF & USJI in 2002
  • USJF Level “A” Teacher Certification 2003

Yudanshakai activity

  • Tournament Director of West Clovis Judo Tournament 1997–2016
  • Chuka Yudanshakai President from 1998–2016
  • Chuka Yudanshakai Board of Examiner Chairperson 1998–2016
  • Chuka Yudanshakai Referee Committee Chairman 1992–2016
  • Chuka Yudanshakai Annual Judo Camp Director 1989 to 2015
  • Chuka Yudanshakai Annual Referee Clinic Director and Clinician 1991–2016
  • Chuka Yudanshakai Delegate Representative to the biannual USJF National Meetings for the BOD and BOE Meetings 1992–2016
  • Chuka Yudanshakai Coach for USJF Junior Nationals 1989–1999
  • Chuka Yudanshakai Kata Clinic Director 2001–2014
  • Tournament Director for Chuka California State Championship 2001-2004-2008-2012
  • USJF National Representative of the West Coast Junior & Youth Development Committee for Upcoming Events 1992


  • Winner of both 1961 Southern California (13 opponents) and 1964 Northern California (5 opponent at the Black Belt pool) Kohaku Shiai Tournaments
  • USJF National Junior Champion and Competed at the Collegiate Level