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Peter Kabai (19) and Janos Kabai (16) made a 4000 mile (6400km) cross-US bicycle trip. They rode unsupported, sleeping in a tent and fixing any bicycle problems using spare parts carried along the trip. They also rode in the hottest Summer weather ever recorded in the US. Their goal was to promote the Blind Judo Foundation supporting visually impaired athletes. Here is the link to their web log of the journey.

Here are some photos of the welcome-home get-together in SF for Peter and Janos Kabai, from Sandie Kaneshiro. They left NY on their bikes on June 3 and arrived in California on 18 August, taking on this journey to help bring awareness, visibility and funding to the work of the Blind Judo Foundation.

Peter and Janos will be at practice at San Jose Buddhist Judo Club Monday night and I am sure that if you would like to make a small donation to the foundation it would be greatly appreciated. A small celebration after practice will recognize their great accomplishment.

There were two news crews there this morning and they said that they will have their interviews on both NBC and also ABC