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Family Memberships are now available

About a Family Membership

Family members are dependents living in the same household with the their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), or not co-located but are legally claimed as dependents for tax purposes.

Please complete and sign the normal annual membership form* for EACH family member.

The procedure is very simple. Submit to the USJF National Office:

  1. ALL completed and signed annual membership forms
  2. Family Membership Application form*
  3. Family Annual Membership Fees

The discounted family rates apply to all family members. No other discsounts apply in the case of family membership, for instance life memberships.

Family Memberships are for one (1) year and everyone in the family will have the same expiration date.

You may add additional family members using the Family Membership rate if you submit properly completed and signed annual membership form for each new family member(s) and pay the additional Family Membership difference. It is important to note that the expiration date for memberships for the new family addition(s) will be the same as the rest of the family’s initial enrollment expiration.

Family Membership Rate Table
Number of Family Members Normal Annual Membership Fees Family Annual Membership Fees Family Membership Savings
3 $210 $170 $40
4 $280 $170 $110
5 $350 $200 $150
6 $420 $230 $190
7+ $230 + additional $35 per person

* Using Acrobat PDF viewer will allow you to fill the forms on screen.