Life Membership Committee (last updated 18 Nov 2018)

We always keep a list of our newest life members.

The USJF Life Membership Committee would like you to consider becoming a Life Member. The money raised from Life Memberships is used for USJF development programs. These programs help juniors, seniors, referees, teachers and coaches. For our sport to grow, we need you to become a Life Member.


, Chair
Leslie Minot

The goals of the Committee are:

  1. To acquire as many new Life Members as possible.
  2. To get up-to-date records on our current Life Members.
  3. To re-establish contact with the current Life Members so they will receive the official USJF Judo magazine and other information.
  4. To recognize our senior Life Members for all the years that they have helped USJF, Yudanshakais, and their clubs in so many ways.


A Life Member receives:

  1. Free admission to the Jr. Nationals
  2. All USJF promotion fee are exempt
  3. USJF annual membership is waived (some yudanshakais waive their fee also)
  4. Receive special Life Membership card and lapel pin
  5. Reduction in time in grade requirement for promotion

We also have a prorated payment program for those who are over 31 years of age. So check it out and become a Life Member of the United States Judo Federation.

The committee would like to recognize award recipients for the most new members. The awards for Yudanshakais and for clubs were based on the fiscal year

Life Membership Year-end Report 2017–2018

This is the first year that we changed over to the new fees on the Life Membership programs. We gave a grace period of two months on the changeover at the beginning of the new fiscal year. We did receive 124 new Regular Life Members. So we had a 33% decrease in regular memberships. As for the President Life Memberships, we received 2 upgrades also had a 33% decrease in the President Club Life Member.

As a result, the income to the USJF Endowment Fund after the expense of paying for plaques, engraving, cards, lapel pins, patches and postage was $34,501.84. This is $4,447.86 more than the previous year even after the decrease in new memberships.

2017-2018 Life Membership awards go to:


    1. 50th State
    2. Central Coast
    3. Shufu


    1. Leeward -50th State
    2. Mililani Hongwanji – 50th State
    3. Shudokan – 50th State

Respectfully submitted
Tom Sheehan