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July 31, 2003

Mr. Don Flagg

5579 Earliglow Lane

Haslett, MI 48840

Dear Mr. Flagg:

The USJF Tamo Kitaura Referee Development Committee is very proud in selecting you as the first recipient of this grant.

Tamo Kitaura Sensei has devoted over 50 years to the sport of Judo as a competitor, instructor, coach, manager and referee.
Throughout his distinguished career, Kitaura Sensei has been instrumental in developing and mentoring students and has been
an active contributor to numerous organizations which support such activities, including the Central Coast Judo Association
and the United States Judo Federation. In honor of Kitaura Sensei’s lifelong dedication to and distinguished service in
support of Judo throughout the United States, the Central Coast Judo Association and the United States Judo Federation has
established the USJF Tamo Kitaura Referee Grant.

The Grant has been established to provide financial assistance in support of the development and growth of USJF referees.
The Grant is specifically aimed at USJF referees who have exhibited a degree of technical proficiency, and have been identified
as candidates for further testing and certification through the PJU-C. The proceeds from the Grant go towards defraying the
costs of travel and other expenses associated with a referee’s attendance at the PJU-C testing site. This Grant has also been
established as a tool to encourage, support and increase new referee participation.

Congratulations on the excellent job at the PJU-C test sight at the Benito Juarez Tournament in Mexico City in May of 2003.
We understand you had the best score among the ten candidates testing. We wish you continued success in your refereeing career.


Vaughn T Imada

Vice President, United States Judo Federation

cc: Tamo Kitaura, Noboru Saito, Joon Chi, Committee Members: Robert Fukuda, Keith Hayashi, Dan Kikuchi, Cal Kitaura, Rose Knudsen