The IRS Reminds Tax-Exempt Organizations of All Sizes to File the Form 990 on Time to Preserve Their Tax Exempt Status

To our many friends involved with a federally tax exempt & non-profit entity:

If your non-profit entity previously sought & obtained federal tax exempt status, but as a result of the modest amount (below $25,000) of gross revenues from year to year (“revenue” has nothing to do with gross or taxable or adjusted “income”), or for some other reason, no federal Form 990 , or 990 EZ, or 990-N income tax return for this taxpayer was filed, beware:  the new (in 2007) federal filing requirement for small exempt entities may be the undoing of this entities’ previous ‘tax exempt status’.  The advance or “final” ruling status as to tax exemption WILL be revoked even if the modest level of your gross revenues fell below the former exemption from filing requirement if no Form 990 or appropriate substitute return is timely received by IRS.
Most states have a similar periodic filing/reporting requirement for its non-profit corporations (e.g., biennial reports) for which the possible loss of non-profit status is often the result of non-filing with the state.  The failure to timely file with IRS will now result in the loss of any tax exempt status formerly granted by IRS.
As the note below indicates, 2010 is the fourth year this new filing requirement has been in effect.  Again, as indicated in the note below, such entities risk the possible loss of exempt status where the entities fail to file the appropriate return for three consecutive years.
Finally, why do various kinds of community &/or non-profit entities seek tax exempt status with IRS?   In order to avoid the risk that every dollar received by such entities may be treated by IRS as “income” with little if any recognized deductions allowed in some cases, the result of which is having a whole bunch of taxable income (where gross income = ~taxable income).  Once IRS locates such entities (the non-filing entities), it will want to examine books & records to determine the federal tax effect of the non-exempt organization’s non-filing, often then followed by an employment tax exam to determine if individuals receiving disbursements from this taxpayer in connection with the provision of services  to the taxpayer should have been treated as “employees” with a whole host of IRS compliance complications, penalties, etc.  Here is the kicker:  If IRS has any reason to visit your organization including its failure to file a Form 990, etc., after it determines the income tax & employment tax damages, it will determine if some one or more “responsible persons” should be personally liable for failing to also file quarterly 941’s, withhold & pay over the employment tax due for payments made to individuals for services (FICA, W/H tax, etc.).   What was it Ben Franklyn that said:  “A stitch in time will save nine….”  Maybe it was Elvis, I’m not sure.  In any event, they don’t leave us much in the way of ‘wiggle room’ where it comes to our obligations & responsibilities for the payment of taxes….
Big Brother IS watching you….
Hope this helps,
Bob Brink
IRS CIRCULAR 230 REQUIRED DISCLOSURE:  Please note the views expressed herein or in any attachments hereto are not intended to constitute a “reliance opinion” under applicable Dept. of Treasury (IRS) regulations, and accordingly are not intended or written to be used, and may not be used or relied upon for the purpose of (a) avoiding penalties that may be imposed by the IRS; or (b) promoting, marketing, or recommending to another party any transaction or other matters addressed herein.  0708
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The IRS Reminds Tax-Exempt Organizations of All Sizes to File the Form 990 on Time to Preserve Their Tax Exempt Status
IR-2010-10, Jan. 21, 2010
WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded tax-exempt organizations to make sure they file their annual information form on time. In 2010 the tax-exempt status of any non-profit that has not filed the required form in the last three years will be revoked.
The Pension Protection Act of 2006 requires that non-profit organizations that do not file a required information form for three consecutive years automatically lose their Federal tax-exempt status. This requirement has been in effect since the beginning of 2007.
A list of revoked organizations will be available to the public, as well as state charity and tax officials on this website.
If an organization loses its exemption, it will have to reapply with the IRS to regain its tax-exempt status. Any income received between the revocation date and renewed exemption may be taxable.
Small non-profit organizations with annual receipts of $25,000 or less can file an electronic notice, Form 990-N ( e-Postcard). They will need only a few basic pieces of information to file: the organization’s employer identification number, its tax year, legal name and mailing address, any other names used, an Internet address if one exists, the name and address of a principal officer and a statement confirming the organization’s annual gross receipts are normally $25,000 or less.
Tax-exempt organizations with annual receipts above $25,000 are required to file the Form 990 or the Form 990-EZ annually. Private foundations file Form 990-PF. Churches and integrated auxiliaries of churches are not required to file Form 990-series returns or notices.
Form 990-series returns and e-Postcards, are due by the 15th day of the 5th month after an organization’s tax year ends. For more information visit the relevant page on this web site.

Referee Report from IJF World Masters – Suwon, Korea

Last weekend, Referee Development and Certification Committee- Chairperson, Joon Chi, attended the IJF World Masters Suwon tournament in Suwon, Korea. The following is his report on the referee seminar and tournament.

Here is summary of New Rules of Hansokumake Videos at the IJF website. The following numbers were revised during the clinic.

  • 23………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for White
  • 27………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for White
  • 29………..No Hansokumake
  • 31………..No Hansokumake
  • 39………..Remove from samples
  • 40………..Remove from samples
  • 44………..No Hansokumake
  • 46………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for White
  • 47………..No Hansokumake
  • 49………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for White
  • 50………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for Blue
  • 51………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for white

That’s all the changes.

However the IJF Referee Committee will meet at the French Open Grand Slam next month then possible they will adjustment if they feel it is necessary but these are the firm direction at this time.

The 2010 World Masters went very well. Here are the high points –

  • There were 224 competitors (from each weight division attended by ranking 1 through 16 regardless nationality and there were 4 competitors no show).
  • Each weight division: 1st place received $6,000, 2nd place $4,000, 3rd place $2,000
  • Total award money was $196,000 paid by the Korean Judo Association
  • 80% Win by Ippon or Wazaari
  • Only three(3) disqualified Hansokumake by leg grabbing
  • No decision made by Hantei at all. First time in a Major IJF Event.
  • The Olympic Games winner receive 600 points, World Championships winner 500 points, World Masters winner 400 points, Grand Slam winner 300 points, Grand Prix winner 200 points, World Cup winner 100 points
  • Two weight division 100kg and 90kg – IJF ranking 1st place and 2nd place met for final then won by IJF ranking 1st place
  • Yes, Olympic Games, World Championships, Junior World Championships, all World Masters, all Grand Slam, all Grand Prix, all World Cup referee will be selected by IJF this time but subject to change in the future

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Mr. Joon Chi, Chair – Referee Development and Certification Committee

Memorial for Rusty Kanokogi

There will be a memorial for Ms. Rusty Kanokogi on Saturday, January 23, 2009. The memorial will be from 10:30 AM-12:00 PM. It wil be held at at the Huntington Hilton, 598 Broadhollow Road (Route 110), Melville, NY 11747.

This is the Starrett Cup Headquarters hotel, and the date is the day before the Starrett Cup.

The Hotel website link for directions is below:

We look forward to seeing you then.


Open letter from a USJF Athlete/Scholar Award Recipient

Open letter from a USJF Athlete/Scholar Award Recipient

Dear constituents of United States Judo Federation,

As one of the first three recipients of the USJF Athlete/Scholar Award it is a great honor for me to be asked to give a brief update of my life.

I have been a member of the USJF and Sacramento Judo Club as an instructor and student for the last 25 years; which has allowed me to maintain my efforts to participate and educate judoka in my surrounding community. Early on in my judo career I was very focused on and dedicated to judo competition. However, the complications of multiple injuries have given me the opportunity to focus my energy towards assisting others in competition as their instructor and coach. In the process of assisting in the development of other judoka, I was made more aware personally of the true meaning of Jigoro Kano’s lessons in “Mutual Welfare and Benefit.” In addition, I have been very fortunate to be given the opportunities to succeed not only in judo, but also in other aspects of my life.

Through the contributions and dedications of the many judoka involved in this scholarship and the art of judo, I have been able to incorporate many of the lessons that I have learned from the philosophies and training of judo into many avenues I chose to pursue. I was given the opportunity to earn my BS in Exercise Science from UC Davis and my Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of the Pacific. In addition, I was selected last year to speak at one of my graduation events and as a recipient of the Gregory Bard Physical Therapy Endowed Scholarship by the recommendation of the faculty and fellow classmates. I currently reside in Sacramento working for Mercy General Hospital as a physical therapist for patients with orthopedic, cardiac, neuro, and pulmonary issues. I hope that as I develop as a judoka and a physical therapist, I may continue to contribute my skills to develop a better awareness of physiotherapy to aid in the development of the athletes and the sport of judo.

Therefore, I’ve been greatly humbled by and most appreciative of the valuable lessons and assistance the scholarships and judo have given me. They have allowed new avenues of opportunities to be accessible for others as well as myself.

Thank you for your investment in students like me to assist us in achieving our dreams and promoting the basic ideology of judo, “Mutual Welfare and Benefit.”

Yours sincerely,

Harvey Takeda

December 29, 2009



2010 All Women’s Judo Championships – Las Vegas, Jan 23rd

2010 All Women’s Judo Championships

Athlete Clinician: Lynn Roethke Silver Medalist at 134lb at the 1987 World Championships
1988 Olympic Silver Medalist

Competition /Athlete Clinic – Open to everyone – valid US or foreign NGB membership required
Registration and weigh in: 8am-9am Jr., Sr., Master, Kata

Referee Meeting:  9am  Chief Referee TBA

Competition /Athlete Clinic with Lynn Roethke
9am,  FREE to All Women’s competitors.
Non Competitors $15

Tournament Begins 10:30 sharp
Palace Station Hotel and Casino

National Coaches Conference – open to everyone 9am-6pm
$75.00 pre-registration
$70.00 for All Women’s Competitors

LOCATION ——————————-

Hotel: Palace Station and Casino
Address: 2411 W. Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: (702) 367-2411
All clinics and competition will be held at this

Pre-Registration l Shiai or Kata by 1/15/2010 $35.00
Group Discount 5 or more pre register $25.00 ea
On-Site Registration Shiai or Kata $45.00

Family Discount 2 family member $ 30.00 ea
Family Discount 3 or more family members $ 20.00 ea

Pre Registration Deadline  1/15/2010                

For more Info. Contact or send registration to: 
2010 All Women’s Judo
C/O Martha Lilly
1986 Klamath Dr,
Camarillo, CA 93010

Checks payable to: USJA



Eldred Wins Balch Scholarship and First A-Level Medal in Samoa

Balch Scholarship news

A Note from Michael Eldred

Currently I am ranked number one in the USA and trying to qualify for the 2012 Olympics in London. This requires me to travel for training and competitions. With all of the travel I am doing, I am not able to attend classes at Boise State University to finish my Mechanical Engineering degree. So to continue my academic career while trying to qualify for the Olympics I am taking Independent Study Business classes. I will use these classes to receive a minor or second major in Business.  Michael Eldred

I am currently an assistant instructor at Western Idaho Judo Institute. Two times a week I am in charge of running the "beginning kids" class. In the last year I have put on several judo clinics in my region to help develop judo in Idaho. In the future I plan on starting my own Dojo. My hard work and dedication to Judo and school are going to continue into the future so I can become a productive asset to our society.

Financial aid such as the George C. Balch Scholarship is what makes it possible for me to continue my academic career while pursing my judo career. If I did not receive financial aid I would not be able to pursue both careers. I believe my academic and judo success are closely related. Lessons learned through judo have contributed to my academic success and lessons learned through education have made me a better student and teacher in judo.

Michael Eldred Wins Bronze at OJU World Cup

taken from USA Judo ( website

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – A 2009 Pan Am medalist in the 73kg division earlier this year, Michael Eldred (Fruitland, Idaho / Western Idaho Judo Institute) won his first A-Level medal on Sunday when he placed third at the OJU World Cup in Apia, Samoa.

Michael Eldred photo

The win moves Eldred back into the #1 ranking in the United States in the 73kg division and makes him one of just three U.S. players to win a medal on the World Tour this year.

With the score tied at a shido (penalty) apiece, Eldred threw Pelasio Rageci (FIJ) for a waza-ari (half-point) score and then pinned him to end the match.

In his next match, Eldred met Olivier Aubin-Mercier (CAN) for the second time in less than a month. Eldred defeated Aubin-Mercier at the Rendez-Vous Canada in Montreal in October, but this time Aubin-Mercier took the win by ippon (instant win).

Eldred’s next match was a quick defeat of Adrian Leat (NZL) who he beat by ippon (instant win) during the first exchange.

Fighting for bronze, Eldred led by two yukos (quarter-point each) and a waza-ari score before winning match against Lee Calder (NZL) by ippon.

The results for the Men’s 73kg
1. Emmanuel Nartey (GHA)
2. Qingdong Zeng (CHN)
3. Michael Eldred (Fruitland, Idaho / Western Idaho Judo Institute)
3. Mansur Isaev (RUS)
5. Olivier Aubin-Mercier (CAN)
5. Lee Calder (NZL)
7. Sean Choi (NZL)
7. Adrian Leat (NZL)

Passing of Roy Murakami

It is with great sadness that we inform everyone that Mr. Roy Murakami passed away on December 20, 2009. Murakami Sensei was the Head Instructor of San Fernando Judo Club.


A service for Murakami Sensei will be held on:

   December 29, 2009 @ 2:00 PM


The service will be held at:

   San Fernando Valley Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

   9450 Remick Avenue • Pacoima, CA  91331

   (818) 899-0447 

Passing of Rena (Rusty) Kanokogi – UPDATED 11/23/09

Hello Everyone,

It is with very heavy hearts and tremendous sadness that we inform everyone that Rusty Kanokogi passed away this morning, Saturday, November 21, 2009.

We will distribute news and announcements as we receive it.

Thank you.


In lieu of flowers, the Kanokogi Family has requested donations be made to the Rusty Kanokogi Fund for the Advancement of Women’s Judo, administered by the Women’s Sports Foundation.  The fund was established in January 2009 to provide direct financial assistance to aspiring female athletes with successful competitive records who, with financial support, have the potential to achieve even higher performance levels and rankings.