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Scholarship recipients of $1,000, $750, and $500 awards for 2021 will be selected by the Athlete Scholar of the Year Committee on behalf of the USJF Board of Directors by April 2021. Applications are due to the United State Judo Federation no later than March 29, 2021. Forms for applying are available on-line or from your USJF Representative.

General Criteria (see application for details):

  • Scholars with a 2019-2020 secondary or collegiate minimum GPA of 3.00
  • Athletes who competed in 2019 national event(s)
  • Scholars endorsed by their Head Instructor
  • Application received by March 29, 2021

On behalf of the USJF Athlete-Scholar of the Year Committee (ASOY), thank you for pursuing your educational goals and creating options for yourself. It is a sincere desire of United States Judo Federation that you continue to open doors to opportunities and to be life-long learners and Champions of Character. USJF awards these scholarships as a token of appreciation for your hard work and dedication to being a model representative of the USJF.

In 2020 the committee proudly selected the following members as the scholarship recipients:

  1. Ms. Torie Oishi, Taishi Judo Club, Nanka Yudanshakai; scholarship awarded to the University of California in Los Angeles on Tori’s behalf
  2. Ms. Abigail S. Sigurdson, Western Idaho Judo Institute, Daiheigen Yudanshakai scholarship awarded to Boise State University on Abigail’s behalf
  3. Mr. Jonathan Ryan, Western Idaho Judo Institute, Daiheigen Yudanshakai; scholarship awarded to Northwest Nazarene College on Jonathan’s behalf

The committee will review next year’s applications following the March 29, 2021 due date.  We will finalize the selection process in April 2021 and announce the Athlete-Scholars to the Board of Directors at the Spring 2021 USJF meeting.

Thank you from your USJF Athlete Scholar of the Year Committee!