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About USJF Sanctioned Events

Uniform Sanctioning Procedures

USJA, USA Judo, and USJF use uniform sanctioning procedures. The same procedure along with the same waiver & release form must be used.

At this time there is no co-sanctioning of events. A sanctioned event must be sanctioned by only one (1) organization.

The standardized waiver & release form was approved by our insurance companies and it is required that all sanctioned tournaments and events use this waiver & release. The USJF National Office is very happy to provide you with a customized waiver & release form for your event. Please contact us and we will create one for you – this assures you that you have the correct waiver & release form for your event.

It is REQUIRED that:

  1. a draft entry & information forms be submitted for review PRIOR to its being distributed to the public;
  2. the draft entry & information forms be reviewed by the sanctioning body;
  3. all corrections/modifications requested by the sanctioning body are made to the draft entry forms and documents;
  4. a sanctioned event number is assigned to the event;
  5. the name of the sanctioning body and the assigned sanctioned event number is prominently placed on the final version of the event information form and also on the event registration form;
  6. the final version of the event forms must be submitted to the sanctioning organization for their records;
  7. upon satisfactory completion of 1 to 6 above, the final version of the event information and entry forms may be distributed to prospective participants;
  8. at the sanctioned event, the approved sanction application form must be displayed in public view during the event for all participants to review and confirm that the event has been properly sanctioned;
  9. “multiple/mixed martial arts” events will not be sanctioned;
  10. during the event, if there are injuries, an accident report must be completed for each injury;
  11. at the conclusion of the event, an event report must be completed and forwarded along with any accident reports to the sanctioning organization.

Please contact the USJF National Office for:

  1. the proper sanction application and reporting forms;
  2. more detailed information & instructions;
  3. a customized waiver & release for your event.

The USJF is very fortunate to have IJF-A referee, Mr. Calvin Terada as chairman of the Referee Development Committee. Please check the rules for referees link at the International Judo Federation for a complete online rulebook. Keep up on the latest at the official International Judo Federation site!

Requirements and procedures for obtaining a sanction for events