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  1. Judo will never grow into a national sport in this country if we keep our sport a secret from the communities in which we live.
  2. When you have a tournament prepare a press release and give it on the same day to the city desk and the sports desk of all your local newspapers.
  3. It should say something like  –
  1. Today (date) the (name of club) Put on a tournament in the Olympic sport of Judo. The tournament was held at (place) There were over (number of competitors) from all over the northwest and canada. Judo is a sport where both sexes and children and adults compete.  Our local club did well
  2. List the names and ages and place won by the local people.
  3. It is important to get to the paper the same day of the tournament  it wont be news if its a day or two later. Have some one designated to take it to the papers.
  • Go to every grade and high school in the community public and private.
    1. Talk to the principal and a person in the P.E. depart department, get permission to put up a notice of the tournament .  Later you want to talk to the same people and the P.T.A. about putting on a demonstration and ultimately sponsoring a judo program in the school one step at a time
    2. If some one knows a teacher at the school or administrator work through that person. Don’t go in cold unless you have to.  Invite them to the tournament and give them free tickets if they show up acknowledge them. 
  • Put up posters in all the health clubs Your P.R. committee should include moms and dads they can be a big help.
  • If businesses are sponsoring you put up posters in their places.
  • Get some T.V. coverage— Their time is short and valuable don’#t expect them to come to the tournament and spend any large amount of time. First make a contact at the local station The sports person is a good start . take a short video of some spectacular throws include the cute kids and ladies Tell them you will accommodate to the stations needs find out what they want to film then when they show up stop the tournament and put on what the T V. people want -You can not get better publicity.
  • If  you have a public channel on a local cable system do a film of competition and kata. Again use the kids and the ladies in addition to the guys to show how broad our sport is. Get the film shown and make a new version of it every year or so; some footage at a tournament is good stuff.
  • Do a web site for your club try to keep it up to date.
    1. Keep it simple
    1. Who you are where you are
    2. when you practice
    3. cost to belong
    4. upcoming events
    5. brag a little about the instructors.
  • If you do not do a tournament 
    1. Do a part of (3) do demonstrations at schools.
    2. Do a part of (6) get the T.V. to come to the dojo or go to their studio
    3. Do (7) and (8)
  • Be a part of any Japanese cultural festivals in your area