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Open to male and female USJF Judoka with demonstrated competitive experience

Participant requirements:

  • Must have been a USJF member for at least 3 years
  • Club must be a USJF-registered club
  • Recommendation from their sesnsei describing good character and work ethic
  • 15 years of age or over

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and experience the essence of Japanese judo in addition to learning about Japanese culture. The program is hosted by Tokai University Boseigaku juku at Matsumae Judo Juku, the birth place of Tokai University. The program is very well organized and provide a unique look at Japanese training methods and what it takes to go to the level in judo. Excursions to the Kodokan, Eishoji Temple (the birthplace of judo), the Imperial Palace, and other cultural sites make the trip a well-rounded experience.

All interested judoka must submit an application to Steven Alphabet by Sunday, May 20.

Full notice of the camp here