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Congratulations to all those who were eligible and took the time to apply for the Athlete Scholar of the Year award and scholarships.  This competition continues to grow and develop as our USJF members recognize the value and importance of education.  With the costs of higher-education ever increasing, this opportunity that USJF provides is yet another benefit for our members. 

Here are the winners of the ASOY: 

1st place $1000

Steven Michael Lee, West Clovis Judo Club, Chuka Yudanshakai

2nd place $750

Megan Ishibashi, Sacramento Judo Club, Hokka Yudanshakai

3rd place $500

Kelly Au, Victorious Judo Club, CJBBA (Chicago Judo Black Belt


Thank you again to the committee for their diligent work to review the candidates.  We all encourage participation which means working on those grades and judo in a continueous improvement mentality. 

Jeff Takeda, ASOY Committee Chair 

Mr. Jeff Takeda – Chair ASOY, Steven M. Lee, West Clovis Judo Club (Chuka Yudanshakai), Megan Ishibashi, Sacramento Judo Club (Hokka Yudanshakai), Ms Mary Gail Ford accepting for Kelly Au, Victorious Judo Club (CJBBA- Chicago Judo Black Belt Association), and Vice-President Vaughn Imada, USJF