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USJF Junior Nationals – Chicago, IL

USJF has provided an exceptional national event for 45 years and this year was no exception. Host Chicago Judo Black Belt Association had over 300 volunteers providing a fun, well organized and safe event under the leadership of Doug Tono.

A special thanks to Mitsuboshi for providing gis and accessories to the 1st place finishers.

The challenge is on for San Francisco City College and the City of San Francisco for the 2009 event next summer.

The schedule for this event is as follows:

    • 2009 – USJF Junior Nationals in San Francisco, California at City College of San Francisco
    • 2010 – 1st year of alternating USJA & USJF Junior Nationals, USJF year with Nanka Judo Yudanshakai hosting somewhere in Los Angeles, California
    • 2011 – USJA year and in Toledo, Ohio
    • 2012 – USJF year, location to be determined in Spring of 2009

      2008 USJF Award Winners

      A selection committee was formed by the USJF Tournament Committee. Each member observed one of four mats identifying those competitors performing in a higher manner within the given category. Standardized Awards were adopted April 15, 2003 as proposed by the Development Committee and adopted by the USJF Board of Directors.

      Best Technique

      Each day of the two-day event, one male and one female competitor is selected for displaying the Best Technique for the day; consideration for newaza and tachi-waza (ground and standing).

      Day 1: Jenna Enoka, HI; Quentin Cook, IN
      Day 2: Victoria Cook, IN; Shunichiro Uno, IA


      USJF grassroots judo considers behavior on and off the mat. This characteristics include interaction with coaches, players, officials, and family.

      Day 1: Greta Flaig, IL; Eric Oshima, CA
      Day 2: Daisy Belden, IL; Aesa Ramirez, NJ

      Fighting Spirit

      Spirit to overcome obstacles, conditioning, winning ways, and never quit attitude; consideration is given to positive judo.

      Day 1: Ellie Keen, WI; Robert Tanaka Jr., CO
      Day 2: Ewelina Szewczuk, MI; William Okamura, IL

      Outstanding Competitor

      This competitor is selected based on overall performance at the USJF Nationals; consideration is given to number of wins and quality and quantity of ippons scored.

      Day 1: Torie Oishi, CA; Rodman Salangdron Jr, HI
      Day 2: Jessica Irons, IL; John Jayne, UK