What Judo is (last updated 10 Oct 2016)

What Judo is
Why Judo is good for you

Known and practiced world-wide, judo is the sport that uses throws, grappling pins, chokes, and armlocks to overcome opponents.

Learning and practicing judo provides all levels of exercise, cardiovascular conditioning, physical coordination and balance, self-defense, and even competition at the local level all the way to international and Olympic competition.

Judo is a thinking sport, with strategy in every step and movement, guided by the principle of maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

It’s that rare physical activity that can easily be practiced by the whole family, with each member advancing at their own pace and skill level. Judo is also a great way to teach self-discipline and respect for others, while improving one’s self-confidence and control. And perhaps best of all, judo can easily be practiced from pre-school all the way into advanced age!

Created in 1882 by a world-renowned educator and foundational member of the International Olympic Committee, judo was the integration of traditional Japanese jiujutsu and other fighting arts into a modern method of physical training and skill development that emphasized safety and a high degree of cooperation and mutual benefit for its participants.

Judo has grown into the second most-practiced sport in the world, and has been an Olympic sport since 1964. Judo athletes from the USA have earned Bronze, Silver, and Gold in Olympic competition. With the following winning

Gold Medal