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Shido for an Illegal Move

IJF SOR To intentionally avoid taking kumi-kata to prevent action in the contest. Normal kumi-kata is taking hold the right side of the opponent’s judogi, be it the sleeve, collar, chest area, top of the shoulder or back with the left hand and with the right hand the left side of the opponent’s judogi be it the sleeve, collar, chest area, top of the shoulder, or back and always above the belt or vice versa.

To offer more chances to throw and more attractive judo, non-classical grips are allowed. Collar and lapel, one side, cross grip, belt grip, pocket and pistol grips are allowed when the attitude of the judoka is positive, when they are looking to perform positive attacks and throws. If taken, time will be allowed for the preparation of an attack.

The same grip (or a collar and lapel grip) used to force the opponent with either one or both arms, to take a bending position, used in a defensive, negative, or blocking attitude, will be penalized  by shido.