Special Recognition Program

last updated 30 Sept 2016

Special Recognition for Our Grassroots ‘Heroes’

Everyday, right in front of you, ordinary human beings perform selfless acts of heroism. It’s no big deal really, they do it all the time. These are the people in your Dojo. Those who choke us out and send us flying through the air are the very same individuals who help to make our training hall a special place by their dedication and devotion. Maybe it is their job, or maybe they’re just in the right place at the right time, but it is their motivation that transcends all else. They do it because they love it. More than anything else in the world they give, and they give it all.

It is with these people in mind that former U.S.J.F. President Mitchell Palacio (1996-2000) has developed a Special Recgonition Awards Program to honor individuals who continue to contribute and develop Judo in their area. It is their behavior on and off the tatami that exemplifies what Jigoro Kano emphasized above all other purposes of Judo: The fostering of a superior personality resulting in exceptional morality and sportspersonship.

Special Recognition Awards are available for all individuals whose fellow players believe deserve something more than a pat on the back by officially observing their achievement, service, leadership, performance, and appreciation for and in Judo.

Achievement Awards can be granted for diligence both in and out of the Dojo. Maybe its been a promotion long sought, now a reality, or their performance in competition. These individuals need to be recognized for their success. The recipient of a special achievement award is reminded that we too have marked their progress and celebrate in their accomplishments.

Outstanding Service Awards are reserved for those individuals who help to make our Dojo clean, safe, and worthy of our respect. They demonstrate an elevated level of special commitment to Dojo and club. From in-class technique demonstration and assistance, to making sure the lights are turned off and the doors locked when we are through for the night, they are the backbone of the club. Without them operations wouldn’t run smoothly, or maybe they would not run at all.

Leadership Awards are for those Judoists who contribute to their club undaunting and visionary guidance. They are not only for our dedicated Senseis and assistant instructors but for our own personal cheerleaders as well. The people who by their own enthusiasm for Judo inspire us to perform beyond our capabilities, and to succeed. They have learned by experience how to excel, and teach by example.

Special Appreciation Awards are awards that can be customized by the club. They are for anything and everything the club wishes to recognize within its individuals. Sometimes an individual’s uniqueness goes beyond description or title, sometimes an individual is truly in a league of their own. They are the recipients of a deep heart and gut felt appreciation that would be an insult not to acknowledge.

Special Recognition Awards are U.S.J.F. certified awards. They are embossed with the U.S.J.F. logo and recorded at the U.S.J.F. National Office. Custom wording is available for all awards as well as inclusion of your club’s logo.

It is the design of the Special Recognition Awards Program to recognize the highly important contributions of an individual in their community and Dojo. It is these people who are the true heart of Judo, and by whose participance rewards us all.

The United States Judo Federation Special Recognition Awards have been granted to:

William Rosenberg, Former Director of Development, USJI For his contribution to the development of Judo in the United States

Takao Fujitani, JBBAH Yudanshakai For his leadership and contribution to the JBBAH Yudanshakai and the United States Judo Federation

Eddie Yamaki, Hawaii State Yudanshakai For his leadership and contribution to the Hawaii State Yudanshakai and the United States Judo Federation

Clifford Okuhara, Hawaii State Yudanshakai For his leadership to the Hawaii State Yudanshakai

Calvin Enoki, Wakagi Kai Yudanshakai For his leadership and contribution to Wakagi Kai Yudanshakai and the United States Judo Federation

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