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National Teacher’s Institute Sub-Committee -s


, Chair
, Chair
Hayward Nishioka

Mission of the National Teacher’s Institute Sub-Committee

Implementation of a systematic method of instruction that insures that its participants will be able to not only perform the techniques of judo but to instruct others as well, in addition to being knowledgeable in the areas of judo history, philosophy, ethics, biomechanics, and instructional methodology.

About the committee

To facilitate the process of continuing judo education the USJF Teachers Institute has adopted the USJF Instructors Manual written and produced by Hayward Nishioka and Mitchell Palacio. Individuals interested in becoming an Instructor, an Assistant Instructor or those who wish to improve their teaching ability, are high encourage to request this course to be held in your area. See www.usjfteachers.com

In a continuing effort to facilitate the process of USJF Teachers Institute Teachers Certification, and those wishing to maintain their USJF Teachers Certification through re-certification may do so by an online process whereby the instructor can complete easy to read chapters and take a online test on those chapters.

You will find the chapters to be informative and useful in your instruction of our most valued commodity, our students. The chapters begin with a related story, then information bite size bits of information.

We also offer Certificates of Achievement which are primarily designed for individuals who would like to continue and further their education in judo. The Certificate is an acknowledgement of the extra effort put forth by our Judokas to enhance the dojo or themselves by continuing to improve their knowledge and skills in the sport. We offer certificates of achievement in Judo History, Judo Philosophy, Ethics in Judo, Judo Biomechanics, Teaching Tools, Systematized Teaching systems, and Recognizing Tachi-waza and Ne-waza Techniques.

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