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USJF Promotion Committee Minutes, November 2018

Venue: Doubletree Hotel, Seattle, WA, 11/8/18

1. Meeting called to order by Chairman Nishioka at 4:07.

2. Moment of silence for those who have passed since our last meeting.

3. Members present: Ray Imada-50th State, Mitch Palacio-Central Coast, Kuniko Takeuchi-
Daiheigen, Harry Kaneakua-Hawaii, Hayward Nishioka-Nanka, Mike Purcell-Northwest,
Miki Takemori-Shufu, Matsuo Takeda-Hokka, Janet Johnson-Niagara, Bill Caldwell- PSJA, Tom Sheehan-Konan, and Bob Brink-Ex-officio, 50th State

4. Observers were: Richard Natatsu-Hawaii, Bryan Matsuoka- Daiheigen, Diane Jackson- Shufu, Gene Nakashima-50th State, Scott Morifuji-Hawaii, Low Dong-Nanka, Keith Chu-Nanka, Reela Ascen-50th State, Bob Schab-Northwest, Delynn Purcell-Northwest, Richard Natatsu- Hawaii, Frances Glaze-Konan, Tom Jay-Chuka, Johnny Guerrero-PSJA, Bret Gertje-Intermountain, John Floyd-Shufu, Julie Koyama-Northwest, Karen Nagai-Northwest, Bert Mackey-Northwest, Larry Tsutsui-San Joaquin, and Jensen Yoshimoto-Hawaii

5. Motion by Harry Kaneakua seconded by Mike Purcell to accept the minutes as written.

Motion passed.

  1. Ray Imada 50th State
  2. Cal Kitaura Central Coast
  3. Kuniko Takeuchi Daiheigen
  4. Harry Kaneakua Hawaii
  5. Shintaro Higashi Hudson
  6. Hayward Nishioka Nanka
  7. Mike Purcell Northwest
  8. Miki Takemori Shufu
  9. Eiko Shepherd Chicago
  10. Matsuo Takeda Hokka
  11. Janet Ashida-Johnson, Niagara
  12. William Caldwell P.S.J.A.
  13. Tom Sheehan, Konan
Rank Candidate — Yudanshakai Motion / 2nd Pass / Fail Reason Tabled/Failed
Yondan Kendall, Harry — San Joaquin 4 / 11 X Character Issue
Rokudan Hanaoka, Glenn — Chuka 10 / 4 X
Hanaoka, Gosato-Nanka 10 / 4 X
Hantanaka, Joyce-Chuka Withdrawn
Honda, Craig — Chuka Withdrawn
Lucas, Jean-Pierre — Hudson 11 / 4 X
**Provided that confirm he knows his two missing Katas
Nakamura, Tom — Nanka 4 / 3 X
Okuhara, Clifford — 50th State 4 / 3 X
West, James — Nanka 10 / 11 X
Shichidan Muranaka, Mark — Hawaii 4 / 3 X
Schneider, Don — Florida State 10 / 4 X
Judan Hal Sharp Tabled

6. Mark Smith-Shufu no paperwork for Rokudan promotion on a posthumous promotion. Will submit at next meeting.

7. Chairman’s report. We are now below our 10,000 mark at approximately 8,600 members right now.10,500 is a breakeven point for our budget and programs. We have been losing members in the senior divisions more drastically since the downsizing of USAJ in 2006. As for Shodan’s we only had 130 promotions to Shodan last year. We don’t have any role senior role model’s anymore. We need to develop our next generation of leaders. We need to get back a more senior program to develop the next leaders before our time is up. Time is short since our group of leaders is aging and fading out yet we are not developing our next generation of leaders.

8. 9th Dan requirements: A lot of discussion and the conclusion was that less is more. Must have major accomplishments with science and technology added. With no time in grade limitation. Motion by Sensei Purcell second by Sensei Kaneakua. Motion to send to Board Examiners. Motion passed.

9. Junior, Senior rank requirements, Kata point system, Competitor classification: a lot of discussion with the amended Kata point system to placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd at the World Kata Championships a “B” classification. Motion by Sensei Kaneakua seconded by Sensei Ashida-Johnson to send to Board Examiners. Motion passed.

10. Rokudan Promotion requirement to add in that the candidate must also have some type of National certification and expertise. This would ensure that the candidate would be serving Judo outside of their local dojos, supporting their Yudanshakai in the area of their chosen expertise and is known to others outside of their geographic area.

11. Motion by Sensei Sheehan seconded by Sensei Kaneakua to send to the Board of Examiner at spring 2019 meeting a proposal to add another way for Yudanshakais test and promote to Shodan. Motion passed.

12. Motion to adjourn at 6:58 by Sensei Sheehan seconded by Sensei Takeuchi. Motion passed
** P.S. Our Yudanshakai promotion board has verified that he knows them.
Boris A. Muñoz
President Hudson Judo Yudanshakai

Post meeting announcement: Hayward Nishioka will have an article out in the December issue of Black Belt Magazine having to do with rank.