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USJF Promotion Committee Minutes, November 15, 2017

1. Called meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

2.  Quorum was established with ten members present – Messrs. Takeda – Hokka, Higashi – Hudson, Kaneakua – Hawaii, Makimoto – Daiheigen, Purcell – Northwest, Medani – Shufu, Hanashiro – 50th State, Palacio – Central Coast, Mrs. Johnson – Niagara, & Ex-officio Member Brink.

Observers – Nakashima – 50th State, Morifuji – Hawaii, Muranaka – Hawaii, Waibel – USJF, Dong – Nanka, Matsuoka – Daiheigen, Nakatsu – Hawaii

3. Past minutes were approved.

4.  JUDAN RANK – Motion passed on second amendment and seconded (Mrs. Johnson/Mr. Kaneakua) for RECOMMENDATION to the BOE.

“Highest level lifetime achievements in judo; Leadership at all levels of USJF judo; Long record of the highest level of competition; Coaching; Officiating successes; Impeccable character; Major contributor in multiple areas of judo development; Promotion; Support; Publication of promotional materials, etc.”

5. Initial discussion on Head Dojo Instructor sole authority for Shodan rather than committee approach

Straw vote on Head Dojo Instructor authority for Shodan (5 – favor; 3 – not in favor; 2-abstain)

Discussion will be continued at next meeting.

6. Promotion Candidates

Name Yudanshakai Rank Appl’d For Moved/Seconded by Decision
English, Jim W. PSA Yodan Takeda / Kaneakua Pass
Jay, Tom L. Chuka Godan Takeda / Kaneakua Pass
Aoki, Alton 50th State Rokudan Kaneakua / Takeda Pass
Agusto, Paulo F. PSJA Rokudan Takeda / Kaneakua Reject
Hamaoka, Glenn A. Chuka Rokudan Kaneakua / Takeda Withdrawn
Israel, Daniel R. Daiheigan Rokudan Purcell / Kaneakua Pass
Kinoshita, Dale S. Chuka Rokudan Takeda / Kaneakua Pass
Miyamasu, Ernest 50th State Rokudan Hanashiro / Kaneakua Pass
Nakayama, Rodney Hawaii Rokudan Kaneakua / Hanashiro Pass
Regidor, Rolann H.P. 50th State Rokudan Kaneakua / Takeda Pass
Sakamoto, Brett C. Chuka Rokudan Kaneakua / Takeda Pass
Tsubota, Clint T. 50th State Rokudan Kaneakua / Hanashiro Pass
Tsubota, Miles K. 50th State Rokudan Kaneakua / Hanashiro Pass
Mackey, Bert Northwest Shichidan Purcell / Kaneaua Pass
Takeda, Jeffrey T. Chuka Shichidan Kaneakua / Takeda Pass
Sakamoto, Kinya Chuka Hachidan Kaneakua / Takeda Pass

7. Motion by Kaneakua seconded by Takeda. Any Yudanshakai that sends in a form 20 and then and subsequently asks for it to be put on hold. The National Office will send back letter back to the Yudanshakai stating in writing. The National Office can’t be put any Form 20’s on hold. That once submitted it must proceed to the National Promotion Committee for their deliberation.

8. Adjournment (Takeda/Kaneakua) 8:25pm