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USJF Promotion Committee Minutes, May 2020

Teleconference Meeting, 5/24/20, Passed on 10/11/20

1. Meeting called to order by Chairman Nishioka at 3:04 EDT.

2. Moment of silence for those who have passed since our last meeting.

3. Members Present: Cal Kitaura-Central Coast, Kuniko Takeuchi-Daiheigan, Mac Takeda-Hokka, Hayward Nishioka-Nanka, Janet Johnson-Niagara, Bill Caldwell-Pacific Southwest, Mike Purcell-Northwest, Miki Takemori-Shufu, Eiko Shephard-Chicago, Robert Brink Ex-Officio member, Tom Sheehan-Konan

4. Observers: Hector Estevez, Mitch Palacio, Richard Natatsu, Gary Goltz, Brice Oishi and Terri Waible

5. Motion by Mac Takeda seconded by Janet Johnson to accept the minutes of the previous meeting as written. Motion passed.

6. Motion by Richard Nakatsu seconded by Tom Sheehan to the BoE allowing the Yudanshakais to keep their rank authority for the next year even if the membership drops below the required levels during this pandemic. Also, the Yudanshakai will be able to retain their voting delegates in place as it was before the pandemic. Motion passed.

7. Motion by Miki Takemori seconded by Mac Takeda to the BoE that time in Grade Reduction be given for service as a Committee Chair of USJF and active member of a USJF National Committee as follows: National Chair – 5%, Active member of National Committee – 3% (attendance at more than 50% of the meetings during Time in Grade). Motion passed.

8. Motion by Mac Takeda seconded by Tom Sheehan to the BoE on Foreigners getting promotion from USJF. Motion tabled.

9. An Ad-Hoc Committee, with Miki Takemori as chair, will be initiated by the BoE at the next meeting. Rokudan through Judan portion of the handbook will be completed and reported at the Fall Meeting. Motion of agreement by Janet Johnson seconded by Eiko Shephard. Motion passed.

10. Motion by Tom Sheehan seconded by Janet Johnson to the BoE to allow Dojo Shodan promotions. Motion passed.

11. Presentation on identifying future candidates for promotion by Bill Caldwell. By using the club roster excel sheet from National Office, you can modify it to your needs as a check list to identify members for dojo membership dues, USJF membership expiration date, last promotion and what they need to do for their next promotion.

12. Review of candidates

  1. Ray Imada — 50th State
  2. Cal Kitaura — Central Coast
  3. Kuniko Takeuchi — Daiheigen
  4. Harry Kaneakua — Hawaii
  5. Nobuyoshi Higashi — Hudson
  6. Hayward Nishioka — Nanka
  7. Mike Purcell — Northwest
  8. Miki Takemori — Shufu
  9. Eiko Shepherd — Chicago
  10. Matsuo Takeda — Hokka
  11. Janet Johnson — Niagara
  12. 12. William Caldwell
  13. Tom Sheehan — Konan
Rank Candidate Yudanshakai Motion / 2nd Pass, Fail, Reason Tabled/Failed
Rokudan Kolychkine, Pedro Florida State 13 / 11 X
Spears, Donald Shufu 10 / 8 X
Tamai, Kurt Shufu 7 / 13 X
Shichidan Kogasaka, Herbert M. Hawaii Hawaii withdrew their candidate from the promotion committee
Judan Sharp, Harold Nanka 3 / 13 Tabled not an unanimous vote by the committee

13. Motion to adjourn at 3:55 EDT by Tom Sheehan seconded by Miki Takemori. Motion passed.