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USJF Promotion Committee Minutes, February 2021

Promotional Committee
Teleconference Meeting / Discussion

  1. Chairman started the meeting / discussion at 2:03 EST
  2. Members present were: Ray Imada, Cal Kitaura, Kuneko Takeuchi, Anthony Catanese, Hayward Nishioka, Mike Purcell, Miki Takemori, Matsuo Takeda, Josh Kindelberger, Janet Johnson, Larry Tsutsui, Robert Brink, and Tom Sheehan.
  3. Observers: Keith Chu-Nanka, Karen Nagai-Northwest, Delynn Purcell-Northwest, Low Dong-Nanka, Mitchell Palacio-Central Coast, Boris Munoz-Hudson, Bill Caldwell-PSJA, Don Kikuhi-Central Coast, David Matsumoto-Daiheigen, Robert Fukuda-Daiheigen, Gary Goltz-Nanka, and Nori Bunasawa-Nanka
  4. Discussions were on following subjects

      A. USAJudo is taking away our members and our future Shodans.

      B. Contributions vs. Shiai competitors.

      C. Challenge the BJJ students to do judo.

      D. A long discussion on having requirements of Safesports & Heads up certification on Shodan candidates. Final consensus was all were in agreement to keep the requirements.

      E. JF is setting up a program on suicide prevention.

      F. Jr. Rank requirements to involve the shape program into our requirements.

      G. The other two organizations’ Jr. Rank requirements.

      H. Josh Kindelberger brought up that we have a JF questionnaire USJF Outreach Survey (google.com)

      I. Reminder to return the survey questionnaire to the chair that he sent out a month ago

  5. End of meeting / discussion at 3:52

Promotion Committee
Vice chair
Tom Sheehan