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USJF Promotion Committee Minutes, April 2017

1. Chairman Nishioka called the meeting to order at 4:05 pm.

2. Members present: 50th State: Gene Nakashima, Chicago: Eiko Shepherd, Niagara: Janet Johnson, Hawaii: Harry Kaneakua, Hokka: Mac Takeda. Hudson: Nobuyoshi Higashi, Konan: Tom Sheehan, Nanka: Hayward Nishioka, Northwest: John Schaedler, Sufu: Eric Spears.
Observers: Brice Oishi Nanka, Low Dong Nanka, Jim Marshman Florida, Tom Jay Chuka, Larry Tsutsu San Joaquin, and Shintaro Higashi Hudson.

3. A Moment of silence for our past USJF Members John Anderson and Dr. Fitzsimons who recently passed away.

4. Motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting by Harry Kaneakua Seconded by Mac Takeda. Motion passed.

5. Discussions on Judan rank, Shodan rank, and how other Yudanshakais promote to Shodan.

6. The following motion was made by Tom Sheehan Seconded by Mac Takeda:

Any Yudanshakai recommendations for promotion submitted to USJF to be evaluated by the Promotion Committee on Form 20 must have all the required information for the candidate’s promotion. Promotions of candidates who do not meet their promotion criteria will be automatically tabled. Motion passed.

7. The following motion by Ad-Hoc Committee member Janet Johnson Seconded by Tom Sheehan:

    Honorary promotion to Shodan has a past precedent in the USJF. This will be the only honorary promotion considered for a living person. All posthumous promotions must
    reflect the rank integrity the USJF prides itself in maintaining. Regardless of the rank being considered, posthumous promotion can only be for honorary rank. A completed promotion application must be submitted to the Promotion Committee for review at the semiannual meeting following the applicant’s demise. Should an individual pass within 30 days of the semiannual meeting, the application may be submitted at the next semiannual meeting. Applications submitted after that time will not be considered. Obviously, only one application for a posthumous promotion may be submitted.
    Should a promotion application be submitted to the Promotion Committee as per standard promotion regulations, and the candidate passes after that submission but before the semi-annual meeting, that application will be considered for a full promotion rather than an honorary one. Motion passed.

8. Motion by Tom Sheehan Seconded by John Schaedler to allow self defense certification candidate to get a reduction for T.I.G. Motion passed.

9. Review of candidates:

  1. 50th State: Al Aoki
  2. Central Coast: Cal Kitaura
  3. Chicago: Eiko Shepherd
  4. Niagara: Janet Johnson
  5. Daiheigen: Haruo Makimoto
  6. Florida Luis Guardia
  7. Hawaii: Harry Kaneakua
  8. Hokka: Mac Takeda
  9. Hudson: Nobuyoshi Higashi
  10. Konan: Tom Sheehan
  11. Nanka: Hayward Nishioka
  12. Northwest: Mike Purcell
  13. Shufu: D. Eric Spears
  14. Ex Officio: Robert Brink
Rank Name Yudanshakai Motion / Seconded Results
Godan 1. Fernandez, Alberto Florida 7 / 13 Passed
Hachidan 2. Harai Sr., James Northwest Ruled out of order
Judan 3. Imamura, Haruo San Joaquin Ruled out of order
Nidan 4. Garcia, Roland Florida 14 / 7 Passed
5. Hosang, Brian Florida 8 / 12 Passed
6.Miller, Garfield Florida 8 / 7 Passed
7. Shenkman, Michael Florida 8 / 7 Passed
8. Zelihic, Mahir Florida 8 / 12 Passed
Sandan 9. Francisco, Jose Florida 7 / 13 Passed
10. Madan, Omar Florida 7 / 13 Passed
11. Zelihic, Suad Florida 7 / 13 Passed
Yodan 12. Boulet, Andre Niagara 7 / 12 Passed
13. Grisanti, Martin Niagara 7 / 4 Passed
14. Harvey, Elliott PSJA 7 / 13 Passed
Godan 15. Barone, Salvatore Niagara 7 / 4 Passed
16. Caldwell, William PSJA 7 / 8 Passed
17. Dickie, Marc Florida 7 / 8 Passed
18. Yamanaka, Mark PSJA 7 / 3 Passed
Rokudan 19. Higashi, Shintaro Hudson 7 / 3 Passed
20. Kanno, David 50th State 7 / 8 Passed
21. Lima, Rodney Intermountain 8 / 3 Passed
22. Llamas Lloyd Hudson 14 / 13 Passed

10. Motion to Adjourn at 6:45 pm by Harry Kaneakua Seconded by Eric Spears. Motion passed.