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National Promotion Committee, October 2016

Chairman Nishioka called the meeting to order at 2:00. A quorum was established with eleven members present: 50th State; Al Aoki; Central Coast, Mitch Palacio; Daiheigen, Kuniko Takeuchi; Hawaii; Harry Kaneakua; Hokka, Mac Takeda; Hudson, Nobuyoshi Higashi; Konan, Tom Sheehan; Nanka, Haywood Nishioka; Niagara, Janet Johnson; Northwest, Mike Pursell; Shufu, Eric Spears and Ex-officio Member Robert Brink. Also present as observers were: Low Dong, John Schaedler, Richard Nakatsu, Glen Hamaoka, Delynn Purcell, Terri Waibel, Michael Landstreet, Val Brisbin, and Larry Tsutsui.

1. Beginning remarks were made by the Secretary. There was a moment of silence in memory of Mr. Jeff Takeda, one of the committee members.

2. Confidentiality issues were discussed regarding the contact list. Members were reminded to keep the list as a confidential document.

3. Adjustment to the agenda. What is the purpose of rank 1-5 for self, 6-10 for others? Discussion with no motion.

4. Mr. Brink went over his motion to the Board of Examiner regarding the Judan requirements.

5. Discussion about Shodan and Nidan promotion with no motion.

6. Mac Takeda brought up the motion to promote Jeff Takeda to Shichidan. There was no form 20 submitted. Awarding of posthumous rank promotions. An ad-hoc committee was formed consisting of Sensei’s Palacio, Purcell, & Johnson. They are to come back to the committee at the next meeting with a suggestion on how to implement posthumous rank promotions.

7. Responsibilities of rank. Discussion with no motion.

8. Promotion candidate review.

Name Yudanshakai Motion / Seconded Results
Rokudan Llamas, Loyd Hudson H. Kaneakua / T. Sheehan Withdrew
Yodan Imamura, Randy San Joaquin H. Kaneakua / M. Takeda Passed
Oshima Daniel Rokushu H. Kaneakua / K. Takeuchi Passed
Godan Fernandez, Alberto Florida H. Kaneakua / M. Purcell Tabled
Lally, John Rokushu H. Kaneakua / M. Takeda Passed
Rokudan Ciokon Jr., Joseph PSJS H. Kaneakua / M. Takeda Passed
Goode, Ron Chuka H. Kaneakua / M. Takeda Passed
Hashiro, Gary Hawaii H. Kaneakua / M. Takeda Passed
Kono, Susumu Nanka H. Kaneakua / M. Takeda Passed
Matsubara, Earnest PSJA H. Kaneakua / M. Takeda Passed
Nakayama, Rodney Hawaii H. Kaneakua / M. Takeda Tabled
Tsutsui, Larry San Joaquin M. Takeda / H. Kaneakua Passed
Hachidan Harai Sr. James Northwest M. Takeda / M. Purcell Tabled
Seino, Toshiyuki Nanka H. Kaneakua / M. Purcell Passed
Judan Imamura, Haruo San Joaquin H. Kaneakua / K. Takeuchi Tabled

9. Motion by T. Sheehan to adjourn. Seconded by M. Palacio. Motion passed.