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National Promotion Committee Minutes, April 2018-s

Venue: Round Rock, TX., 4/9/18

1. Meeting called to order by Chairman Nishioka at 5:57.

2. Moment of silence for those who have passed since our last meeting.

3. Members present: Ed Hanashiro-50th State, Cal Kitaura-Central Coast, Kuniko Takeuchi-
Daiheigen, Harry Kaneakua-Hawaii, Haywood Nishioka-Nanka, Mike Purcell-Northwest, Miki Takemori-Shufu, Eiko Shepherd-Chicago, Matsuo Takeda-Hokka, Janet Johnson-Niagara, Bob Brink-Ex-officio 50th State, Tom Sheehan-Konan.

Only two observers signed in and they were Richard Natatsu-Hawaii and Nori Bunasawa-Nanka.

4. Motion by Harry Kaneakua seconded by Mike Purcell to accept the minutes as written. Motion passed

5. Old Business: Lengthy discussion on head instructor’s authority to promote to Shodan was held. Will revisit this issue again at next meeting. Motion by Matsuo Takeda seconded by Tom Sheehan to allow Mike Purcell to look at the records at National Office to gather information for a statistical analysis on the comparison of the number of promotions at each rank. Motion passed and sent to the BoE for their approval

6. Review by the Committee Members listed below of candidates follows:

  1. Ed Hanashiro, 50th State
  2. Cal Kitaura, Central Coast
  3. Kuniko Takeuchi, Daiheigen
  4. Harry Kaneakua, Hawaii
  5. Haywood Nishioka, Nanka
  6. Mike Purcell, Northwest
  7. Miki Takemori, Shufu
  8. Eiko Shepherd, Chicago
  9. Matsuo Takeda, Hokka
  10. Janet Johnson, Niagara
  11. Tom Sheehan, Konan
Rank Candidate Motion / 2nd Pass Failed Comments, Reason Tabled or Failed
Yodan Kendall, Harry 4 / 9 Withdrew
Thibodeau, Paul 4 / 9 X Motion to Reconsider by 9 seconded by 10 the motion passed
Godan Auvert, Enrique 4 / 9 X
Tello, Gerardo 4 / 9 X TIG Issues
Rokudan Knight, Bruce 4 / 9 Withdrew
Kuroyama, Gary 4 / 9 X
Nakamura,Steve 4 / 6 X
Percell, Delynn 4 / 9 X
Sugiyama, Jake 4 / 9 X
Wilden, Peggy 4 / 6 X
Shichidan Dong, Low 7 / 9 X On the contingency that he submits a correct form 20 with his TIG reduction stated on the on his form 20
Wee, Gerald 4 / 9 X
Hachidan Imoto, Sam 9 / 4 X
Makimoto, Haruo 3 / 4 Withdrew
Takemori, Edwin 6
Kudan Kijita, Joseph 9 / 6 X
Judan Imamura, Haruo 4 / 3 X Waiving the TIG

7. Chairmen Nishioka move his response of what he learned so far to next meeting because of time.

8. Motion by Mike Purcell seconded by Janet Johnson to eliminate Shodan competitors from the requirement to have a teacher or coach certification. Motion passed and sent to the BoE for their approval.

9. Motion to Adjourn by Eiko Shepherd seconded by Matsuo Takeda at 8:40. Motion passed.

We reconvened after the Board of Director meeting to elect officers for next term. New terms of officers for 2018 to 2020 are Chair Hayward Nishioka, Vise Chair Harry Kaneakua, and Secretary Tom Sheehan.