Membership (last updated 10 Oct 2016)

Why become a USJF member?

The United States Judo Federation focuses on the development of students, clubs and volunteers from beginner to leaders at the Grass Root enjoyment of the Olympic sport of Judo.

While retaining the rich cultural heritage that is Judo at the local level and guiding the balance between social and modern day competitive Judo in a safe and enjoyable manner for all ages, USJF offers many services to help individual Members, Clubs owners, Teachers, Coaches and Referees reach their best potential.

The United States Judo Federation

  • Leads in the standardization of Judo in the USA, by providing best in class education and accreditation programs for Teachers and Coaches to ensure the highest quality of instruction
  • Offers well managed Insurance Services for peace of mind
  • Legal guidance when necessary
  • Internationally recognized promotions with a reputation for excellence
  • A well-established event and tournament Sanctioning infrastructure
  • Full time staff who help with any questions or Membership needs and services.
  • Awards, Grants and Scholarships for qualified members
  • Up to date and relevant information through our website, social media and published magazines
  • For Clubs the USJF can help you grow by offering resources, both informational and promotional that can be customized to attract new and retain existing members

For more information on Member Benefits and Club Support click on the highlighted links or call the USJF usng the contact information below.