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Membership Benefits-s

Membership of the USJF has its Benefits. By joining the USJF you are entering one of best judo communities in the United States.

To support the different ways judoka proceed through Judo, the USJF offers many choices on how to join the USJF through the different programs

The USJF is focused on supporting all aspects and the promotion of judo at the local and State level.

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When you join the USJF not only will you enjoy the benefits it offers, you will have access to resources and a knowledge base that will serve to educate and enhance your enjoyment of this great sport.

As a non-profit organization the United States Judo Federation exists to provide a framework and infrastructure for the sport of Judo in the USA. It differs from the Olympic governing organization (USA Judo) in that it has a focus on local and grassroots members and clubs.

Our vision is the promotion of JUDO in every American community and school and our mission is to serve and support its members in the American judo community while upholding the principles of mutual welfare and benefit.

As a fiscally responsibe organization with an established physical office and experienced staff, the USJF is quickly and agile in resolving the needs of members, charter clubs and their affiliated Yudanshakai (Black belt organizations).

Individual Members have choices on how to join the USJF through many different programs that suit personal needs.

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to a standardized Judo core, developed by internationally recognised experts and masters of the sport. Members can participate and enjoy Judo activiies knowing that the culture, the heartand soul of the sport is the same no matter where you train in the world.
  • Membership can include insurance services for both individual member and club. This help to give piece of mind knowing that a fiscally responsible organization is behind you when it comes to an assurity. Knowing that the USJF is behind and supporting you when it matters is a benefit for the member and a service benefit for clubs.
  • Internationally recognized promotions: The USJF rank promotions are recognised by all the major Judo governing agencies around the world.
  • Best in Class Teaching and Coaching standards and accreditation: The USJF has put into place an extensive set of standards that serve to educate and ensure that acredited instructors and coaches have the best education and the highest integrity whaen it comes to ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for the practice of Judo. Wheter this is a local club practice or a large tournament. No other organization in the USA has the same level of educational quality.
  • Membership services: The USJF has a National office with experienced and knowledgable staff that can help and assist members with any inquiries or questions they may heave. Easy to contact through phone or electronically our staff is highly cabable and motivated to ensure your membership of the USJF is smooth and easy experience.
  • As a member of the USJF, you have acces to apply for many of our funding and scholarship programs. The USJFhas built up over the years a number of programs that has served many of our members, form School funding to volunteer stipends. All designed to support and allow increased participation of Judo.
  • The USJF monitors Judo worldwide and as such is quickly able to provide information on news and activities that affect the sport of Judo, nationally and worldwide. We forward this information through our website and our relationships with Yudanshakai to get this knowledge to the loca and grass root organizations as quickly as possible. We provide a means by which events can be announced and broughtt to the attention of of our national diverse judo communities.
  • Many times a year, we publish a magazine that provides editorial, news and information on all aspects of Judo. This magazine is sent to our members.