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In Module 4 – Penalties you will distinguish

  • An action designed to give the impression of an attack
  • Ne-waza – tachi waza transition
  • Continually keep the opponent’s fingers of one or both hands interlocked
  • Bending back the opponent’s finger(s) in order to break his grip
  • Encircling the end of the belt or jacket around any part of the opponent’s body.
  • Application of shime-waza using either your own or your opponent’s belt
  • Shime-waza or kansetsu-waza over-stretching the leg
  • Hug directly the opponent for a throw (bear hug).
  • Application of leg scissors to the opponent’s trunk (do-jime), neck or head (scissor with crossed feet), while stretching out the legs
  • Correct preparation of judogi and belt
  • Shido for Untidy Attire or Hair

Hansoku-make for Dangerous Techniques

  • To “dive” headfirst, onto the tatami by bending forward and downward
  • Head defense