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USJF Contest Rules Education: Module 2

Module 2 provides more contest rule information, including; Referee’s focus, positioning and attire, examples of Ippon, Wazari and Osaekomi and common penalties and their gestures.

  • Referee Focus
  • Safety of the Players
  • Fairness and Consistency
  • Referee Positioning
  • Attire
  • Nage waza Scoring
    •  Ippon – Clear examples
    •  Wazari – Clear examples
  • Ne-waza Scoring
    • Osaekomi – Clear examples
  • Tachi waza/Ne waza Transition

Shido (Slight Penalty)

  • Shido for a Lack of Combativity
  • Shido for an Illegal Move

Hansoku Make (Grave Penalty)

  • Hansoku-make for Acts against the Spirit of Judo (cannot continue)