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2C.2 Hansoku Make (Grave Penalty)

2C.2 Hansoku Make (Grave Penalty) Cumulative Shidos:  Two shidos will be given as warnings and the third will be hansoku-make, the athlete is disqualified and can continue in the competition, if applicable.    

2C.1.2 Shido for an Illegal Move

2C.1.2 Shido for an Illegal Move IJF SOR   To put a hand, arm, foot or leg directly on the opponent’s face. The face means the area within the line bordered by the forehead, the front of the ears and the jawline.    IJF SOR  To grab below the...


PENALTIES In this lesson we will examine; Shido for an Illegal Move Shido for a Lack of Combativity Hansoku Make (Grave Penalty) Hansoku-make for Acts against the Spirit of Judo (cannot continue)