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Module 3

In this module you will;

Distinguish marginal examples in Scoring
  • Ippon
  • Wazari
  • No Score.
Examine Shido penalties for an illegal move
  • To intentionally avoid taking kumi-kata
  • The same grip (or a collar and lapel grip) used to force the opponent with either one or both arms, to take a bending position, used in a defensive, negative, or blocking attitude
  • Opponent ducking his head beneath the holder’s arm
  • Continually hold the opponent’s sleeve end(s) for a defensive purpose or to grasp by “screwing up”
  • To insert a finger or fingers inside the opponent’s sleeve or of his trousers
  • Breaking grips with one or two hands and not taking a grip immediately
  • To break the grip of the opponent with the knee or leg
  • Cover the upper part of the lapel of the judogi jacket to prevent the grip.
  • Avoid uke’s grip with a blow on his arm or hand
  • Blocking the opponent’s hand.
  • The act of entangling the leg without making an immediate attack
  • Landing simultaneously on 2 elbows or hands, toward the back