Minutes from 3/30/2019 (last updated 19 Dec 2019)

National Promotion Committee



Homewood Suites
Ashburn, VA


1. Meeting called to order by Chairman Nishioka at 5:05.

2. Moment of silence for those who have passed since our last meeting.

3. Members Present: Mitch Palacio-Central Coast, Kuniko Takeuchi-Daiheigan, Harry Kaneakua- Hawaii, Boris Munoz-Hudson, Mac Takeda-Hokka, Tom Sheehan-Konan, Janet Johnson-Niagara, Miki Takemori-Shufu, Eiko Shepherd-Chicago, Bill Caldwell-Pacific Southwest, Karen Nagai-Northwest, Bob Brink-Ex offico

4. Observer: Bret Gertje-Intermountain, Teri Waibel-National Office, John Floyd-Shufu, Larry Tsutsui-San Joaquin, Gene Nakashima-50th State, Julie Koyama-Northwest, John Kindlberger-Intermountain.

5. Comments from the Chair: When Nishioka Sensei started judo he told us what it was like back then. Judo has some great values. It’s all about the values of judo, what make judo different from other sports. It’s about the prize and values of our system.

6. Minutes: The following corrections in spelling were made: Mitch Palacio-Central Coast, Bill Caldwell-PSJA, Bob Schab-Northwest, Tom Jay-Chuka, and Bret Gertje-Intermountain. Motion by Harry Kaneakua second by Bill Caldwell. Motion passed.

7. Survey questionnaire: Discussion with no motion.

8. Ad-hoc committee report on rank guidelines: Addition to put TIG reduction for special projects on the form 20. Motion passed.

9. National Promotion Committee Candidate List

  1. Ray Imada 50th State
  2. Mitchell Palacio Central Coast
  3. Kuniko Takeuchi Daiheigen
  4. Harry Kaneakua Hawaii
  5. Shintaro Higashi Hudson
  6. Hayward Nishioka Nanka
  7. Karen Nagai Northwest
  8. Miki Takemori Shufu
  9. Eiko Shepherd Chicago
  10. Matsuo Takeda Hokka
  11. Janet Johnson Niagara
  12. William Caldwell
  13. Tom Sheehan Konan
Rank /Candidate Motion 2nd Pass Fail Reason Tabled/Failed
Akioka, Sam
4 3 X
Hatanaka, Joyce
9 4 X
Honda, Craig
10 9 X
Knight, Bruce
4 9 X
Ono, Warren
50th State
10 9 X
Weinmann, Thomas
Southern Pacific
10 4 X
Takeda, Mac
3 4 X
Maikmoto, Haruo
13 4 X
Ichinoe, Toshio
9 4 X
Sharp, Hal 3 4 Tabled didn’t get 100% of the promotion committee vote

10. Motion to follow the rules of the committee by Janet Johnson seconded by Harry Kaneakua not to accept form 20 from the floor. They must go through to the National Office to be brought up at the committee meeting, unless there is an extraordinary circumstance. Motion passed.

11. Motion by Janet Johnson seconded by Harry Kaneakua that when a candidate is withdrawn they must resubmit their form 20 to National Office by the deadline date for the committee meeting at which they will be reviewed for promotion. Motion passed.

12. Motion to adjourn at 7:28 by Tom Sheehan seconded by Eiko Shepherd. Motion passed

Respectfully Submitted
Tom Sheehan
Promotion Committee Secretary