Planned Giving Director Committee (last updated 5 Dec 2020)


The USJF Endowment Fund offers a way to leave a lasting legacy for grassroots judo in America. A tax-deductible gift to the USJF Endowment Fund becomes a permanent source of support for training and opportunities that benefit the judo community.

The Planned Giving committee offers advice.

What is your judo legacy?

We are able to enjoy judo today in America because so many people before us have studied, taught, and built a place in their communities for judo. So many people contribute to judo in different ways:

  • The senseis who teach and coach the next generation
  • The trailblazers who make judo more accessible and equitable for diverse participants
  • The referees and judges who help to ensure fairness and strengthen
    the quality of competition
  • The fellow students who make it fun to go to the dojo
  • The competitors who are so good they make us want to face them again
  • The parents who support their children in coming to practice and help to staff local tournaments and events

About the General Endowment Fund

The USJF Endowment is a powerful tool for investing in and supporting grassroots judo now and in the future. Donations to the General Endowment Fund are never spent, but are invested so that the income the fund generates can be used every year to fund a wide range of programs that support the development of local judo programs. Income from the General Endowment Fund is usually used to underwrite the work of the Development Committee in investing in grassroots judo programming.

The USJF Endowment currently also includes a number of named funds. Each of the individually named funds has a specific goal and criteria, and makes grants or awards in line with these criteria. Grantmaking is handled by designated committees.