Emeritus Director Awards Committee (last updated 4 March 2019)

awaiting appointment, Chair of the Emeritus Director Awards Committee

The Award of Director Emeritus may be conferred upon selected USJF active life members being 65 years of age or older and holding minimum USJF rank of shodan.

The Director Emeritus shall have and hold all right and privileges of USJF Board of Directors-delegates except the right to vote in the capacity of an Emeritus director.

Director Emeritus delegate status may be requested by written application from an eligible member or on behalf of such person by any USJF or yudanshakai official or Director Emeritus Nominating Committee with approval and acceptance of such special status to be automatic following verification of USJF good standing, age, rank and life membership status.

1991 Emeritus Directors

Kenneth Kuniyuki*

Mits Kimura*

2001 Emeritus Directors

George Akatsuka*

Albert Aoki

John Anderson*

Sachio Ashida*

George Balch*

Joanne Barthold*

Keiko Fukuda*

Toshiaki Inouye

Dr. Eichi Koiwai*

Sumikichi Nozaki*

Shag Okada*

Henry Okamura*

James Onchi*

James Takemori*

George Tsubota*

Vince Tamura*

Masao Yamashita*

* Deceased