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Judo Development, Articles and Study

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Judo Development*

Link to this page in order to join the USJF or renew your membership. Options available for Online membership or traditional paper forms.

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Teachers and Coaching*

The USJF offers several different membership programs. Find out which one is right for you.
Also become a Life Member and enjoy substantial benefits.

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Find out what are thebenefits of being a member of the USJF and what makes it the best choice for Grassroots Judo.

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Kata Development

USJF continues to lead by Example, These kata programs offer a an assurity that our members are knowledgable.

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Self-Defense Development

Many of the martial art programs teach some sort of self-defense course. Judo has embedded in its pre-arranged forms (kata) two separate learnings for self defense techniques along with a third that teaches one how to escape from several situations.

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Learn about SafeSport and CDC Headsup

As a leader in the education of Judo, the USJF has been monitoring and working with experts regarding the provision of improving the safety and security of all our members and member clubs.

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