Philosophy for Self-defense (last updated 19 August 2020)

The Basic USJF philosophy for self-defense

USJF philosophy for Self Defense works on a progressive tier system that builds from

  • Developing skills in recognizing potential adverse situations
  • Escape via avoidance of the potential adverse situation
  • Verbal and psychological methods to allow for de-escalation and escape
  • Self defense using reasonable levels of force for self defense

Each of these levels have separate strategies to first avoid the situation or if that is not possible escape from the situation. The last resort is to use reasonable force against the attacker.

Participants, through appropriate exposure to training, learn to access situations, develop appropriate strategies to avoid an adverse situation and/or deter a potential attacker. In the event that the 1st three steps are ineffective or no time is available to employ those strategies, the participant is introduced to physical skills of self defense.

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