The Aims of the USJF Self Defense Program (last updated 18 August 2020)
Goals Objectives Outcomes
Train Trainers and Teachers in judo related self defense techniques Create trainers and teachers who have a base competency in teaching self defense Trainers and teachers who competently teach self defense based upon the USJF philosophy
Create teaching materials that the trainers and teachers can use for their own learning and the learning of their students Provide training
and teaching materials that support the Self Defense
Create an
ongoing Continuing Education Program
Continually improve on the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of self defense trainers and teachers.
Help increase the population’s knowledge of judo as a martial way Expose the population to the USJF self defense philosophy Expand judo
exposure to the general populations
Provide a certification process for Trainers and Teachers certified by the USJF Create a nationally recognized program for teaching self defense based upon judo techniques Standardized self defense teaching