Club Development (last updated 10 Oct 2016)

As a Charter member of the USJF, you can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of other clubs and their leaders to help you run your club whether it a small, social or high performance based organization.

Club Development Resources


The following resources can be downloaded from this page

  • How to promote and Market your club
  • What about the future
  • Differentiation (with other sports, between dojos)
  • Forming School-Club Links
  • Template for Judo programs
  • Instructor and Coach Education
  • Fundraising, Grants and Sponsorship

Market your club

Read and discover advice on how to improve the visability of your club. Find tools that help you develop and present your club to the public at large.

Differentiate yourself from other activities

Learn how to build a perspective that allows tyou to compare Judo to other sports and activities. Learn how you can use Judo to supplement other sports such as wrestling, fotball and ju-jitsu.

Modern Styles

An example

Fundraising, Grants and Sponsorship


USJF provides many avenues for scholarship and funding

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Instructor and Coach Education

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