Athlete Scholar of the Year applications

Attention All Athlete Scholars

The applications are due to the National Office no later than March 29, 2020.

If you have Spring Break in March, we need to see your excellence on paper prior to your Break!

USJF has a great success story by Chanin Sugimoto: the ASOY scholarship helped me create the best possible life for myself and for my family.

You now have 6 weeks remaining to:

  • Request your electronic transcript from 2018-2019
  • Request a letter of support from your Instructor
  • Reflect on what your judo studies have done for you

Be a Champion and get this started today!

Results USJA/USJF Winter Nationals® 2019

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Overall statistics

USJA/USJF Winter Nationals®

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Link to Photos by Jerry Hays and Stephanie

Competitors Female Male
Juniors 568 162 406
5-6 Years 35 5 30
7-8 Years 95 22 73
9-10 Years 145 60 85
11-12 Years 150 40 110
13-14 Years 95 19 76
15-16 Years 48 16 32
51 11 40
Seniors Brown & Black 80 11 69
Masters 46 3 43
Total Competitors 745 187 558
Total Divisions 143

Total Clubs 102

Fresno Judo, one of USJF’s 5-star dojos

USJF 5-star dojo program is up and running! Demonstrated Excellence in instructors, referees, coaches, kata and special activities, like clinics, tournaments, self defense, camps.

Congratulations! Is your club a 5-star USJF club? Let everyone know! Apply today on USJF website.

Mark Muranaka, USJF president, and Robert Oishi show off the new USJF 5-star dojo banner

Five Star Dojo Program

five stars logo

USJF is proud to announce the “5 Star Dojo Certification Program.” The program is to recognize those dojos that demonstrate excellence in Judo by having within their membership the following certifications:

  1. USJF Teacher or Assistant Teacher certification.
  2. USJF National Coach, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Master or Elite National Coach certification.
  3. USJF or USA Judo Referee certification at local, regional, national or international level.
  4. USJF Kata certification A, B, or C in nage no kata, katame no kata, ju no kata, kime no kata, goshin jutsu, itsutsu no kata or koshiki no kata.
  5. Special activities including clinics, judo camps or tournaments.

five star banner

Your club must have a minimum of one member for each area: teacher, coach, referee, kata and at least one special activity. Clubs meeting the 5 Star Dojo criteria will receive a banner recognizing them as a USJF 5 Star Dojo. Clubs meeting 4 of the 5 criteria will receive a 4 Star Dojo certificate.

The 5 Star Dojo committee members are:

  • Dr. Larry M. Tsutsui, Program Chair
  • Mitchell Palacio, Founder of the Program
  • Julia Tsutsui, Program Manager

Learn more

Matsumae Judo Juku Study Abroad Program

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and experience the essence of Japanese judo in addition to learning about Japanese culture. The program is hosted by Matsumae Judo Juku (part of the Tokai University Educational System).

  • Dates: July 12-23
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Male & Female judoka ages 13-19
  • Must have been a USJF member for at least 3 years
  • Club must be a USJF registered club
  • Recommendation from sensei describing good character and work ethic
  • Funding Available

For More Information Contact:
or by telephone (404) 273-5007

Deadline to Register May 31, 2019

PDF poster available

Sanix 2018 — from Jim Uyekawa, Coach

Looking back, I’m extremely thankful for Saito sensei’s words of encouragement to join the Sanix delegation and in turn, altering my winter comfort routine into a meaningful experience. Most of my travel outcomes in the past have been centered on the individual(s) that have accompanied me or the people I have had the good fortune to meet. This year’s coaching staff, competitors and parents have fulfilled both aspects.

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Holiday greetings

As we approach the new year, we reflect back on the great accomplishments which all have achieved.

new year greetings

Thank you for your continuing support of judo and may 2019 be a safe and prosperous new year.

From Mark T Muranaka, President

North Bay Developmental Shiai

Date: 08/19/2018     Sanction Number:  18-08-04   Location: Petaluma, CA   YDK: Central Coast
Contact: Kristina Baker, (707) 694-9375
Event Name:  North Bay Developmental Shiai

Passing of Sensei Virgil Goodwine

Tom Sheehan writes:

As many of you know, Virgil Goodwine recently passed away.  Virgil obtained the rank of Rokudan.  He was student under George Funakoshi Ohio State University.  When George retired Virgil took over as head instructor at OSU.  He was a national competitor for many years in the plus 100 Kg.  He was also a Konan Ohio Vice President in the 1980s.  He will be missed by many he was always smiling and laughing and had a good time with anyone he was with.  His obituary is below.

GOODWINE, Virgil B. 60, of Springfield, Ohio passed away April 24, 2018. He was born February 19, 1958 the son of Marion N. and Marian (Anderson) Goodwine. Virgil was a graduate of The Ohio State University. He retired from the State of Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources. Virgil is survived by his devoted wife, Rita Cecil Goodwine; daughter, Chrisondra Goodwine; sons, Virgil Goodwine II and Julian (Brooke) Goodwine; siblings, Ava, Donna and Van and a host of other relatives and friends. Visitation is Monday, April 30, 2018 from 11:30 a.m. until the time of service at 1 p.m. In St. John Missionary Baptist Church. Burial will follow in Ferncliff Cemetery. Arrangements by the Robert C. Henry-Clark Funeral Home.