The latest Dage scholarship application and deadlines

NEXT DEADLINE: March 28, 2014

The B.C. Dage Corporation Athlete Travel Grant has been established by a generous donation to USJF to support travel for competition or training for up-and-coming USJF athletes.


  • Applications available – NOW
  • Applications due – 3/28/14 for events happening 3/21/14-9/15/14
  • Decisions will be made by 4/14/14 at latest

Applications and supporting materials must be received by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on the due date.

Link to forms here.

News from The Hudson Athletes Fund

In March 2010 Hudson Judo Yudanshakai 1st Vice President Billy Martin proposed The Hudson Athletes Fund to the Yudanshakai Executive Committee.

The idea was to assist Yudanshakai members in defraying their personal expenses in traveling to various tournaments, camps and other Judo related expenses.

An athletes fund committee consisting of nine members was formed, the majority of whom must approve each request.

A separate checking account was opened under the Yudanshakai’s tax ID number.

Once the request is approved the amount of reimbursement or award is sent to the treasurer and the athlete is then sent a check for the amount approved. Usually the requests are decided upon in less then 24 hours.

The basic idea is to fund as many of our athletes as possible without them having to jump through hoops to get assistance.

The athlete must meet certain criteria and submit itemized expenses with his/her request

Average income to the HAF each year is over $31,100.00

Since 2010 the average amount of money each athlete has received is $1,254.39 which varies depending upon how much is requested by each athlete.

Since the program was started $125,426.00 has been collected and the expenses including payments to athletes $107,072.00. The treasurer is required to prepare a 1099 Form for the IRS the following January for any athlete who receives funding totaling $600.00 and over in an annual year and a copy is mailed to the athlete.

Monies are raised through monthly workouts, clinics, donations, sales of donated merchandise and sale of the book Medical Care of the Judoka by Dr. Anthony Catanese one of the Yudanshakai members.

Certain clinicians outside of Hudson do receive a fee for doing a clinic. Usually these are World and Olympic Team Members or medalists.

A few of the clinicians have been Kayla Harrison, Marti Malloy, and Travis Stevens.

Money is also raised through our annual competition called the Hudson Cup.

The Hudson Cup began in 2012 and each year the net income from the competition has been just over $13,000.00. We have improved the competition each year and the 2014 competition should have five or six mats.

This year the Athletes Fund Committee is sponsoring Juvenile B & IJF Jr. Teams to the Jr. US Open in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The HAF is run with the idea that all of the money that is given out is done so by the income raised by the HAF committee. All committee members donate their time, efforts, & money to insure that this program is a success. All of which is done on a volunteer basis.

The main Yudanshakai accounts are not touched for the program.

At the Yudanshakai annual meeting in January 2012 a tax lawyer, after reviewing the Hudson Athletes Fund, gave a presentation and answered questions regarding the legality of an athletes fund to comply with IRS rules and protect the Yudanshakai’s non profit status.

A large part of the success has been through the efforts of Billy Martin, Clyde Worthen who donates the venue for a large majority of our events, Chris Skelley is also a key component of the program.

Athletes are also required to attend a certain number of events each year in order to qualify for funding. The amount they receive is directly related to their participation. We never turn anyone away if they can not afford a mat fee everyone is welcome and we always work with people and adjust the fee or waive it depending upon the individual situation. Billy Martin has always said the more bodies on the mat the better.

group photo

Yoshisada Yonezuka of Cranfrod Judo & Karate Center, Cranford NJ will be hosting a Hudson Athletes Fund Junior Program at Cranford from Feb 18, 2014, which will be held every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6pm to 8pm for Juniors Age of 6 to 14.

Y. Yonezuka is working with Billy Martin in putting this program together which will make it convenient for parents to drive to a central location for junior workouts.

This program/workouts will be open to any junior who would like to work out with many opponents in the same evening and it is a good opportunity for Juniors who want to improve their competitive skills. This works the same as the senior program. All participants must have JF,JA,JI member card and pay $20 per session

100% of the fee will go to the Hudson Athletes Fund account, Hudson Members will get the benefit of the funds to offset their expenses.

Players are required to be members of Hudson to receive funding but regardless of the organization they belong to they are welcome to attend the workouts.

Any questions please contact

Academic Honors 2013

Elementary School

First MI Last YDK Dojo Instructor School
Ryan H. Ishibashi Hokka Sacramento Judo Club Mac Takeda Fammatre Elementary School
Bryton K. Wong Hokka Sacramento Judo Club Mac Takeda Stonelake Elementary
Luca D.T. Mukai Nanka Gardena Judo Club Yuki Fujita John Adams Elementary
Saya I. Feldman Nanka Sawtelle Judo Dojo Kenji Osugi UCLA Lab School
Rayna R. Prasad Nanka Sawtelle Judo Dojo Kenji Osugi Will Rogers Elementry School
Matthew D. Selwyn Nanka Sawtelle Judo Dojo Kenji Osugi Palisades Elementary Charter
Luchia M.Q. Torro Nanka Sawtelle Judo Dojo Kenji Osugi UCLA Lab School
Marisol Q. Torro Nanka Sawtelle Judo Dojo Kenji Osugi UCLA Lab School
Ryan A. Uyeki Nanka West Covina Judo Dojo Spencer Horiuchi Grazide Elementary
Patrick L. Harbolt Northwest SWOCC Judo Club Rob Schab North Bay Elementary
Madelyn T. Mones Pacific Southwest Migoto Judo Dojo Roland Fernando Salt Creek Elementary

Junior – Senior High School

First MI Last YDK Dojo School
Jacob D. Low Central Coast San Jose Buddhist Judo Club Ida Price Middle School
Solin N. Piearcy Central Coast San Jose Buddhist Judo Club Cupertino High School
Jordan M. Adams Chicago Kito Kan Judo Club Holman Middle School
Lukas P. Kavanaugh Daiheigen Team Sacramento Holy Family Catholic School
Andrew H. Kageyama Hokka Sacramento Judo Club Cosumnes Oaks High School
Jasper T. Lem Nanka Gardena Judo Club St. James School
Yuri Tateda Nanka Sawtelle Judo Dojo Culver City High School
Alyssa K. Ishimoto Nanka South Bay Judo Peninsula High School
Zachary B. Ishimoto Nanka South Bay Judo Peninsula High School
Ashley S. Fernando Pacific Southwest Migoto Judo Dojo High Tech High Chula Vista
Roland A. Fernando Pacific Southwest Migoto Judo Dojo High Tech High Chula Vista
Sarina R. Kuninaga Pacific Southwest Migoto Judo Dojo High Tech High Chula Vista