New Scholarship announced

Hayward Nishioka College to Career Scholarship

This Scholarship was established by Nancy Washburn to honor Sensei Nishioka’s desire for encouraging judoka college students to promote judo in the future in their chosen career.

Sensei Nishioka believes deeply in the benefits of judo to make better people, better citizens, as its founder, Jigoro Kano proposed. Through his 61 years in judo, as a champion, teacher, writer, referee and leader in the organization, Sensei Nishioka’s focus has been on practices to support the growth of judo.

For more information please see the Scholarship page
or contact Nancy Washburn, Chair

2016 George C. Balch Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline for applications for the 2016 Balch Scholarship is Thursday, June 15, 2016.

Please visit the Balch Scholarship Committee page for details. Scholarship recipients will be chosen by the Balch Committee. Scholarship amounts will be determined by the Committee based on Balch Endowment Fund earnings and the number of candidates selected for award. Supplementary funding will be provided by Michigan Judo Development Association.

Thank you.

Pete Catlos
Chairman, George C. Balch Scholarship Committee

The B.C. Dage Corporation Athlete Travel Grant


The B.C. Dage Corporation Athlete Travel Grant has been established by a generous donation to USJF to support travel for competition or training for up-and-coming USJF athletes.

There is also a separate application process for a Yudanshakai to request travel funds to bring elite USJF competitors to conduct clinics. The Yudanshakai must provide lodging, meals, and a stipend to the athlete conducting the clinic. The aim is to jointly benefit the Yudanshakai and help the athlete support her or his training through teaching. The grant enables Yudanshakai to benefit from the opportunity to work with competitors from other regions of the country. These competitors must meet the same criteria as those for athletes seeking travel funding for competition.


  • Applications available – NOW
  • Applications due – 11/30/15 for events happening between January 1, 2016 and June 30, 2016
  • Decisions will be made at the end of December 2015

Applications: The application form is here on the USJF web site.

Please e-mail applications to both:

The B.C. Dage Corporation Athlete Travel Grants could not be made without the commitment and dedication of the Grant Committee:

Academic Scholars of the Year

First place

Chase Oishi

Chase Oishi

He has experience in many different aspects of judo, competing in national and regional shiai competitions, a certified N3 national referee, as a shodan he teaches shonen and yonen classes and he competes in all seven katas.

He is on the Varsity Boy’s Volleyball team, heavily involved with the Japanese and Ecology Clubs at school, a member of the California Scholarship Federation and a tutor after school.

He started Judo at the age of five.

Judo has taught him lessons on and off the mat, sportsmanship, dedication and appreciation. It has allowed him to experience travel and friendship, all of which he wants to get others to experience as well.

Second place

Benjamin Hinatsu

Benjamin Hiatsu

He has a 4.0 grade point average, including advanced courses.

In the Band (marching, concert, jazz, basketball prep), plays piano, Varsity Football, and he is an Eagle Scout.

He began Judo in 2006, and he placed in many events local and national, winning a medal in four.

He writes that he would not be the person he is without the influence of his instructors, coaches and other students.

Third place

Andrew Kageyama

Andrew Kageyama

He began Judo when he was eight years old. Ten years have brought him to local, regional and national tournaments. He has refereed since 2013.

He was on the wrestling team and captain in his senior year and he ran cross country.

The lesson of Judo was to see “how he could improve” and has applied it to other aspects of his life – to fix errors and not give up on long-term goals.

Athlete-Scholar of the Year Award for 2014

On behalf of the Committee, thank you to all of the USJF Athlete-Scholar of the Year Award for 2014 Academic applicants! We encourage all eligible students to continue your academic and judo studies and to apply again next year.

The committee received 10 applications from outstanding USJF qualified members and after extensive deliberation the following three applicants were selected as the 2015 scholarship recipients

  1. 1. Chase Oishi, Tarsh Judo Club, Nanka Yudanshakai
  2. 2. Benjamin R. Hinatsu, Western Idaho Judo Institute, Daiheigen Yudanshakai
  3. 3. Andrew Kageyama, Sacramento Judo Club, Hokka Yudanshakai

The official recognition and award ceremony will be at the Junior Nationals at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 10-12, 2015.

Athlete scholar of the year (ASOY) committee met at the USJF National meeting held April 29, 2015 at Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas.

Chairman Jeff Takeda appointed 2 new members: Sensei Eiko Shepherd – Chicago Yudanshakai and Low Dong – Nanka Yudanshakai to the committee. Present were Eiko Shepherd – Chicago, Low Dong – Nanka, Bryan Matsuoka, Daiheigen, and Jeff Takeda – Hokka. Votes were submitted prior to the meeting by the following members: Margaret Catt – Daiheigen, Jim Takemori – Shufu, and Kuniko Takeuchi – Daiheigen

Latest deadline for the B.C. Dage Corporation Athlete Travel Grant

The B.C. Dage Corporation Athlete Travel Grant has been established by a generous donation to USJF to
support travel for competition or training for up-and-coming USJF athletes.

  • Applications available – NOW
  • Applications due – 4/16/15 for events happening 4/17/15-9/15/15

Decisions will be made some time the week of April 20, 2015

Applications and supporting materials must be received by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on the due date.

Please e-mail applications both to:
Leslie Minot, Committee Chair at and the USJF National Office at

Go to the B.C. Dage page.

Athlete Scholar of the Year

The committee received this letter of thanks from Tyler Shimizu.

I became a member of the Sacramento Judo Club in November 2008 when I was 13 years old. Since then I have gone throughout some major changes of my life. I went from the husky and lazy middle school student and transformed into a stronger and well-disciplined adult. I never thought as a child that I would be doing judo or any martial art right now because from the age of six my parents put me in a recreational soccer league in which I played for seven years. When I turned 13 I realized that I wasn’t interested in playing soccer again for the eighth year and wanted to try something else. Due to me being a little over weight and being picked on in middle school, my dad suggested I learn a martial art. My dad’s suggestion led me into the path of learning judo. My dad said that judo might be exactly what I was looking for and that my grandpa practiced in his childhood so I thought it might be interesting. He was right, judo was something completely different than playing soccer. Something about the sport of judo intrigued me and I wanted to attend practice to learn more and more. As time went on and I promoted in rank, my training became more intense, placing in the tournaments wasn’t as easy and I struggled. Even though I struggled I knew that if I was persistent and listened to my senseis I would improve and push my judo to an even higher level. Even now years later, as a black belt I am still pushing myself to the limit, learning new things, and applying them.

Judo has affected my life in a very positive way. From participated in many tournaments I have learned the life lessons of sportsmanship. I learned that it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose but the main goal is that you learned something. Judo taught me how to set goals and plan out how to achieve them. Judo gave me the mindset of responsibility, respect, and commitment. I also believe in the “maximum efficiency” and “mutual benefit” which shape my life to this day. Maximum efficiency means that when faced with a problem sometimes the solutions are the simplest. Sometimes it can be changing the problem instead of looking for the answer. For mutual benefit, I believe that as humans we should help and give back to those that helped us to better ourselves and others amongst us.

Overall throughout the six years I’ve been in judo so far, I have become stronger, more confident, disciplined, and perseverant. Judo has taught me to control my emotions, never give up, and to look at things in a different perspective. I’m glad and grateful that I started judo at such a great club where I have been supported from all my teammates and senseis. Also befriending and creating strong bonds with my fellow teammates and senseis that I won’t ever forget.

I am very grateful for receiving the Athlete Scholar of the Year award. This scholarship will help me pay for my college classes and books at Consumnes River College and at Sacramento City College until I can transfer to Sacramento State University. I am currently studying in the field of computer science and plan to continue pursuing that field at Sacramento State University once I complete all my transfer credits. I’d like to thank you again for giving out to the judoka like us to further ourselves in our future and educational goals.

Tyler Shimizu

The Bob Perez endowed scholarship

The Texas A&M University Judo team has recognized Bob Perez for 30 years of involvement with Texas A&M Judo with an endowed scholarship in his name. Texas A&M Judo already has a permanent judo scholarship that has awarded approximately $31,000 in scholarships since 2005, and saved judo athletes about $164,000 in tuition costs (out of state athletes receiving a $1,000 scholarship get in-state tuition, a savings of about $16,400 per year). Our alumni have been generous and we are well on our way of raising the $25,000 to permanently endow the Bob Perez Judo Scholarship. If anyone is interested in helping the TAMU Judo endow the Bob Perez Judo Scholarship please follow these links.