May and June 2019 Self Defense Committee Oahu, Kona and Shufu Workshops

The Self Defense Committee has been assisting several Yudanshakais in launching their own self defense committees. Over that last three years, the Committee has offered grants to Yudanshakais through the development committee to launch programs. Several Yudanshakias worked together to develop their self defense programs and curricula to help consolidate resources. Many of the smaller Yudanshakais did not have the resources to start a new committee so they chose to work together to have a self defense program.

The last two Yudanshakai grants were utilized in May (by the two Hawaii Yudanshakais) and in June (by Shufu). There were a total of 21 participants in the three Hawaii workshops (13 in Oahu and 4 in Kona for the two certification classes and 4 in the Kona re-certification class). Shufu had 19 in its certification class and will have a follow-up re-certification class at a later date. All three organizations recognized the opportunity a self defense program could offer them in order to bring new members into judo.

Oahu Workshop Attendees

Kona Workshop

Shufu workshop

Shufu President Roy Englert sent out the following email which summarized the event well.

On the heels of a very successful self-defense instructors’ clinic, it may be worth clarifying what we are doing and why.

It is Shufu’s leading goal, as determined by the black belts at a retreat held a couple of years ago, to grow judo. Bringing people into judo through their interest in self-defense is one under-used path.

As every instructor knows, it is important for a dojo to maintain insurance coverage. The USJF self-defense program is the product of negotiations between USJF and our insurance carrier to make sure that there is agreement on how a dojo can incorporate techniques beyond IJF shiai judo and retain coverage. 

There are techniques — including de-escalation and situational awareness, not just waza — that can be taught in a one-day seminar to help people defend themselves in common situations, and presenting those techniques can be a public service as well as a gateway to judo. But anyone interested in waza useful in self-defense needs to learn the waza over a period of time and practice them so that they become part of muscle memory. And that is where we judoka can set up a win-win situation, gaining judo students and providing those students with something they want. 

The clinics that USJF puts on are not waza clinics. The waza we should teach are existing judo waza (including atemi waza used in the self-defense katas such as kime no kata, koshiki no kata (added) and Goshin Jutsu). The goal of clinics is to explore ways to teach self-defense through the waza we already know, and to learn more about common situations calling for self-defense and about de-escalation and escape techniques, all taking into account learning from neuroscience and other fields of study. The team USJF sends out to the Yudanshakai for this purpose includes a police officer, a lawyer, and a former USJF President familiar with relevant scientific learning as well as strategic planning.

The Self Defense Committee has introduced 17 Yudanshakais to the USJF Self Defense Process. The Committee will now transition into an oversight role for the program, which will include continued outreach to the Yudanshakais with support and guidance, creation of different additional training opportunities, Continuing Education Unit development, overall program coordination, and when asked provide specific Self Defense Training classes.

The Committee is also in the process of establishing a website for the general public as well as having a private section for trainers, teachers and assistant teachers. This private section will contain information that can be used by the certified members as well as a discussion forum so specific issues can be discussed.

2019 USJF National Kata Conference

Venue : St. Louis , Missouri

Date : March 8 (Friday) & 9 (Saturday), 2019

All are welcome to attend this two-day conference with classroom and mat sessions focusing on the IJF kata scoring system

Featuring : Michel Kozlowski, Sports Director Deputy – IJF Kata expert from Belgium

2019-kata-clinicSee the PDF Brochure about the 2019 usjf kata conference and registration forms

National Kata Conference

Gary Hashiro writes:

This year’s USJF National Kata Conference will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 2, 3, and 4. The early bird discount deadline for the hotel and the conference have been extended to July 7. Come and attend the Kata conference and learn the seven Kodokan Kata. Stay a few extra days to relax and enjoy the beauty of Hawaii. Attached is the registration packet. We hope to see you there.

2017 USJF High School Judoka Special Training Camp in Korea

Dear all Judoka,

Application for the Special Training Camp in Korea is now open.


The Judoka (14 -20 years old) wishing to join this trip to Korea must be a member of USJF (training camp member must be male judoka Only).


The travel dates are as follows:

All members are leaving USA on 8 July, Saturday and arrival Seoul (Incheon-ICN) Korea on 9 July, Sunday to be met by Sensei Joon Chi and the Korean staff.

The training dates are 10, Monday, 11, Tuesday, 12, Wednesday, 13, Thursday, 14, Friday, 15, Saturday and 17, Monday

All members of the trip are leaving Korea on 18 July, Tuesday and arrival USA same day, 18 July, Tuesday.

16 July, Sunday is a possible sightseeing and shopping trip.


Every day there will be three (3) sessions, each session will consist of two (2) hours training.


The USJF High School Judoka will take care of their own round trip airfare from home to Seoul Korea and the hosting High School will take care of room and board (Not fancy as a hotel and no mother with us). All members are to pay Two hundred dollars ($200) for miscellaneous expenses (non-refundable) to Sensei Joon Chi by the deadline, which is 9 June, 2017.

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this trip to:

Sensei Joon Chi
6400 York Avenue South #510
Edina, MN 55435-2339
Tel & fax…952-922-9231

email Joon Chi

Thanks and best regards.

Joon Chi

2017 Study Abroad Japan with Judo

2017 Study Abroad Japan with Judo

Dates – July 18 – August 8

Purpose – practice judo at Matsumae Judo Juku (youth dojo, part of Tokai University system) and cultural exchange

Age group – boys and girls, 9th – 12th grade (incoming freshmen to graduating seniors)

Funding – partial funding by USJF for hotel stay, depending on the number of participants. Airfare and food to be picked up by participant.

Skill level – intermediate to advanced

Deadline – All requests to participate in program need to be in by April 30, 2017.

Coach – Steven Alphabet

More Inquiries

Brochure and Entry Form on the Tokai University website.

or call 808-306-9639

See Participant Reports from 2016 Program

participants visiting the Eishoji temple and the Kodokan in 2016

The November PSJA Kata Clinics

The Pacific Southwest Judo Association hosted weekend Kata Clinics with guest Instructor Sensei Eiko Shepherd, 7th Dan on November 6, 7 and 8, 2015 in San Diego, CA.

On Friday November 6th, Ju no Kata was held. On Saturday November 7th, Nage no Kata and Sunday November 8th, Koshiki no Kata.

Fun was had by all.

All Judoka in attendance, including white belts, brown belts and black belt ranks up to and including Godan, learned the proper executions of “Ju” in all three of the Kata.

The Pacific Southwest Judo Association is proud to have sponsored Sensei Shepherd for this event.

2015 Junior Developmental and Judo Training Camp

Junior Developmental and Judo Training Camp at Yosh Uchida Hall at the San Jose State Campus on June 15–19, 2015.

Scheduled technicians are Ms Marti Malloy, 2014 World Silver Medalist and 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist; Shintaro Nakano, SJSU Coach and Technical Advisor; Keith Nakasone, 1980 Olympia and 5-time National Champion and Pan American Champion; and student coaches from Japan selected by Mr. Yasuhiro Yamashita and Mr. Isao Okano.

The camp is open to students 12–18 years old. Space is limited so please register before June 8th.

Details of the Camp with registration form.