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The USJF Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce that the nominations for the Class of 2024 US Judo Hall of Fame (USJHOF) and Lifetime Achievement Award (USJF LAA) are now open.

The US Judo Hall of Fame Committee is soliciting nominations of individuals for consideration for induction US Judo Hall of Fame Class of 2024 and the USJF Lifetime Achievement Award Class of 2024. The total number finally accepted from nominations for the USJHOF is up to 6 individuals which includes no more than 2 athletes per year (unless other categories are not nominated) and up to 4 nominations for the remaining categories in a year. Each Yudanshakai may propose one candidate for the USJF LAA with no more than 6 recipients named annually.

Only USJF Yudanshakai Presidents, USJF/USJA/USA Judo Presidents, and previous US Judo Hall of Fame recipients are able to submit recommendations.

Each nomination should include a judo biography showing career highlights as well as some favorite photos of the candidate. These materials may be included in the Galleries of the Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Award on the website for each Annual Class (materials submitted should be prepared with this in mind). Letters of recommendation will also be considered by the committee and may be included in the published biography.

Below are the links to specific information for each award. It is strongly suggested to read the criteria for each award category. This is the criteria that the Hall of Fame Committee uses in its deliberations.

All nomination materials need to be submitted via email by the end of business March 6, 2024 with attachments. After initial review by the Hall of Fame Chair (or his appointee) feedback will be provided to ensure completeness of the documents. Once approved for review they will be forwarded to the committee for final deliberations. The document formats for the recommendations are Microsoft Word or plain text files. The document format for photos is JPEG. ALL nomination materials should be EMAILED to: Neil Simon.

The submission DEADLINE is EOB March 6, 2024. No late entries will be accepted. Please feel free to submit your nominations sooner rather than later for early review.

Thank you very much for your kind considerations and nominations.

Neil Simon,
Chairperson US Judo Hall of Fame Committee

Award Information Links

Specific information about each award can be found at the following USJF website links:

US Judo Hall of Fame

USJF Lifetime Achievement Award