Becoming Involved

last updated 10 Oct 2016

Expand Your Judo Experience –
Get Involved!

Help yourself and others with the real benefits of getting involved in one or more of the great variety of activities and support systems that make the sport of judo a rich experience for all.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Become a volunteer – learn the nitty-gritty of how tournaments and other events are run, and how you can use your new knowledge to contribute to the professional presentation of these events for the enjoyment of competitors, fans, and officials.
  • Contribute your own professional expertise – Whether you’re in the medical, legal, financial, educational, or technological fields, your skills can help move judo into even higher levels of professionalism and success.
  • How about refereeing? Start to learn the details of the rules with the goal of becoming a certified referee, a central player in every judo match who not only judges the contest, but maintains the safety of the players and the decorum of the match.
  • Become a coach. Learn how to effectively motivate and guide your students in successful training and competition – whether in fighting matches or in the dynamic presentation of kata skills.
  • Getting involved means gaining more knowledge and learning new skills to share with others, and adding to the continuous improvement of the judo community.
  • Now it’s up to you to take action, so get out there and learn and contribute. Make that impact and enjoy the satisfaction. Make a difference and you’ll benefit from judo even more than you already do!

To learn how you can make a difference and how to become a volunteer in your judo community contact your local Dojo, Yudanshakai or the for advice.